About me

Welcome to my blog, thanks for taking the time to read about me. My name is Ellie Huckle, I'm 18 years old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes since June 2009. I live in London with my mum, my dad, my twin sister, my older brother and our Bengal cat, Kai. I started this blog in 2013 when I was just 15 years old, it is not only an outlet for me to rant about diabetes when I really need to get things off my chest, but it is here to educate people about Type 1 Diabetes and what it's like to live with it, especially as a teenager. I'm an avid campaigner for diabetes awareness, I am a JDRF ambassador and have involvement with Diabetes UK. I'm one of the admins for the Facebook group 'Type One Teens' and my Twitter is @ellierosehuckle if you want to follow me on there!


  1. Hi Ellie. I am Type 1 and have had it for 18 years. I am also a teacher and want to do some film workshops with groups of up to 7 type 1 s to look at what is on the net - learn from stories and Youtube videos and then create their about three minutes long about some aspect of diabetes that they want to share. The participants will find support/fun/new skills and also learn about their diabetes without realising - what do you think?
    PS I love your blog and sharing - it helps others to know they are not alone...Love Deb Snow

    1. Hello Deborah. Thank you for your comment. That sounds really amazing! and I am so glad you love my blog. It means so much. - Love Ellie Huckle.

  2. Hi Ellie!

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