Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter blood sugars

So as we are all painfully aware chocolate is one of the many enemies of blood sugar.

As we all know today was Easter which means lots of yummy chocolate to eat. I was rather anxious about what today would bring for my blood sugars because I normally have a really bad time with chocolate as it likes to make my blood sugars spike right up and then they come crashing down really fast - which does not make me feel good at all. I made sure that I stayed on top of my blood sugars as much as I possibly could and I made sure I kept checking today. I try and make sure of that everyday though. It's just hard. So many things to be distracted by c:

Drumroll...for today's blood sugars. I thought that I would try and keep a log of my blood sugars so you all can see what my blood sugars are when I'm talking about them and things c:

This morning I woke up at 5.6mmols! That's 100mg/dl for those of you in America or any other country apart from Canada or England (those are the only two that I'm aware of that read blood sugars in mmols!) By Lunch time my blood sugar was...5.8mmols! then after lunch it was 7.8mmols, then a couple hours later it was 9.8mmols, then we had some chocolate and it was back down to 6.9mmols!

Easter Sunday blood sugars! 

Morning: 5.6mmols / 100 mg/dl
Lunch: 5.8mmols / 104 mg/dl
After lunch: 7.8mmols / 140 mg/dl
Chocolate: 9.8mmols / 176 mg/dl
After Chocolate: 6.9 mmols/ 124 mg/dl

So all in all today has been pretty good so far. I am so happy that my page views are now over 800 c: so amazing! I hope to get them to 1,000!

I find it easier to control my blood sugars at school than at home because at home there is food around and you can just go and get it whenever you want. Sometimes at home I am not as vigilant with my sugars and I can get a bit lazy! I find it better at school because I have more of a determination to get it right so that I can concentrate in class etc. It's better too because I just sit in class and being in class means I can just do my insulin and check my sugars then leave them be. If they are normal then that's great and I can just leave them alone and they almost always turn out great by break time! but at home I am doing loads of different things and it just ruins my blood sugars. haha. Although, tell a lie, at school it can be hard to control them too if  I am having an extra stressful day with exams or something c:

Yeah that was all I wanted to say really. Thank you again to all of you who read this blog and please follow and share it to twitter, facebook, etc. I want more and more people to see this blog to raise awareness of the life that me and loads of other diabetics live!


Pump site


It happened again. You know yesterday I said that I got my tubing caught on the door and it ripped out? It happened AGAIN.  These things come off way too easily and the tube is too long. It's so annoying. My nurse recommended that I use the sure-t infusion sites or something, and that is a metal canula but it has an extra adhesive bit to keep it more secure. I am not too sure about the metal canual though...that is a bit daunting .It sounds like it would hurt and I like the fact that the plastic canula is flexible.

I don't know. So now I have to go downstairs and change my infusion site again. I am running out of places to put it as well :( I never use my arms or legs so it's just my stomach and I have my sensor on one side of my stomach too, so there is limited space. It's all getting a bit lumpy and I do not like it. Fatty bits make it hard for the insulin to be absorbed and I'm doing so well I don't want the silly pump site to ruin it.

Oh well...Now I really have to go and get ready, and hurry up at that. haha. I am too addicted to this! & my page views have gone up to 631 ?! Wow .You people are fabulous.  Follow this blog, share it etc. c:

Thanks guys!

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunnies have arrived!

Happy Easter to all of you wonderful people out there. It is 10:56am and I am getting ready to go to my nan's house. My mum came in this morning and gave us a Lindt Easter Egg and some money. How fabulous. It's safe to say I'm totally excited to eat this easter egg because it looks fabulous. There are three mini chocolate bunnys in there too that come with it.

I wonder where this whole chocolate thing came from? Out of the day that Jesus apparently went risinn' on up (hillbilly accent - don't ask why) but yeah. I am confused. Maybe I'll search that up.  Maybe Jesus was given chocolate by a chicken and a bunny...hmm...

This is a quick one! Last night's was loooong. AND oh my goodness, I could not get to sleep last night! It was like 4:30am and I was just laying there, not tired and not comfortable. Pretty sure I had an unprecedented case of insomnia gracing me last night. My sensor woke me up this morning, very rudely at that. It needs to be calibrated AGAIN. It's actually like a baby. It's so demanding- forever moaning!

Oooh my dad's home and we gotta go get ready!
Have a fabulous day everyone c:

p.s I'm up to 602 page views! woohoo. If you see this blog please share it around etc. Thanks guys!


We lost an hour of sleep! & cats.

The clocks have officially gone forward 1 hour. Instead of it being 1:14am right now, it is 2:14am. eek. I am not tired though because I've just lost an hour. Now I gotta wait another hour to be as tired as I would've been at 2:15am if the clocks had stayed at 1:15am! So, at 3:15am, my body will catch up and be tired like I should be now but I'm not because although that clock has gone forward, my body clock has not! If that makes any sense to you at all...well done.

I was low about half an hour ago.
Oh and about half an hour ago my page reached 530 views! YAY. (sorry, just wanted to sneak that in there)

I ate a club bar to regulate my blood sugar. They're so good. I went to get one out of the fridge and my hands were all shaky and so I was just about to eat it and it fell on the floor...oh my goodness...I was appalled. Then I had to get another one out and I guarded it with every inch of energy I had left in my sugar-starved body. I'm all good again now. Yay.

I have been getting this really weird and annoying thing for a very long time now...I get so dizzy when I stand up and my vision goes all hazy and I can't see for a moment and then I have to hold onto something like an invalid. It is so strange and it disappears in a few moments after standing still for a few seconds. I don't know what it is. Oh well.

There is a little cat that comes into our garden a lot and it is so cute. It has a white body and black patches all over it. In particular it has a little black "pirate-patch" over one of her/his eyes! It is adorable and it really brings out the cat's bright green eyes (we are unaware of the gender!) This morning my mum was like "the cat came into the house this morning!" This little kitty is getting very brave. When we first saw it the cat didn't even let us near him/her. It seems to be getting a little bit more confident which is sweet. It tried to jump into the window the other day.

Anyway my mum said that she was in the kitchen with the door open and the cat was j'chillunn' lol jk. No, anyway, back to the story...I get distracted way too easily. OK. The cat was at the door, yeah...blah blah. Oh yes! So then my mum said that she turned around, then looked back and the cat was gone. My mum went into the dining room and then suddenly the cat came out and was making it's way back from the living room. haha. I laughed. I wonder what it even did in there! Just went in for a little cats do.

My mum goes "bloody cheek!" haha. I love my mum, she is so funny. And evidently, so is that little cat!
It was so cute. I could just imagine the little kitty bounding out of the living room so casually. I mean I was surprised it didn't wee anywhere in the living room. It already felt it necessary to "release" on the grass in the garden. What a little beast. Sorry?! Who's garden is that? It should probably stick to going to the toilet in it's own garden. We aren't quite sure who the cat belongs to.

There is another cat that likes to come into our garden sometimes too. It is actually really scary and is like one of those bald siamese rat-cats but with fur. It's fur is jet-black and it is very slim with bright green eyes. I say slim, but it doesn't look skinny - the way it is is almost perfect for it just because of the way it is.  I'm not sure what breed it is but it looks like some sort of pedigree cat. Sometimes it likes to perch on top of our shed and just bask in the sun as if it belongs there.

I love cats, especially my little kitty Fudge! and I miss his brother, Smudge! </3. All cats of the world are welcome in our garden! Unless they're vicious. Then no sorry you are the weakest link.

This is the cat! 

and this is my little kitty, Fudge!

Easter Sunday

I hit 501 page views by 00:12am on Easter Sunday! WooHoo.

How cool is that? I love that people read my blog c:

I am not tired at all either, wow I have done a lot of stuff on the computer tonight. I'm still up though so I will be just chilling...yah.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, it really means a lot to me!
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Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Page views

So, I have literally been sitting at this computer for absolutely hours. When there is stuff to do on the computer it gets really addictive! like, really...

My blood sugars have been really good lately and I am so glad. In all honestly, I owe it all to my new diabetic friend Paris and even though we have never met each other and we live thousands of miles away, she is one of my closest friends because we understand each other on a level that no one else can because we're both diabetic. Everything that diabetes puts us through, we can help each other with because we know exactly how it feels! So, if you're reading this- thank you Paris-Par! ;) (Nicknames, you see...) Go, watch Paris' vlogs on YouTube too: her channel is called OurFamilyBond - they're awesome!

Remember when I said my blood sugars were really good?

Yeah, my blood sugar is 13.8mmols now. Why?!
Take all the insulin and water!!

I like, honestly just cannot be bothered to deal with horrid blood sugars right now...but I have to, so I will. blegh. Its 22:51 and i'm pretty sure the times on this blog is wrong. I also really want to know how I can get some sort of hit counter on my blog page because I have seen other bloggers with it on there and I want to know how they do it?! If you know, please help! Thanks!

What else...

My video has had ten views, wahey!

It's not much at all, I know. My YouTube channel is elshuckle. Go watch and subscribe to moi.

My infusion sites have been kind of hurting me lately for some strange reason. They feel all bruised and stuff. I've noticed as well that now that I have been giving myself a lot more insulin, my daily totals for the last four days are: basal is 33% and bolus is 67% YAY! My daily totals are always hideous, on the downside the extra insulin has made my sites all lumpy again where the insulin builds up, that is so annoying. When I take of my sites if I squeeze my stomach insulin comes out. haha. I shouldn't find that amusing...

Yeah, that's all there is to say for now, really. It is actually 11:55pm. It's Easter Sunday tomorrow! Woohoo. I have not seen any Easter eggs yet...uh, Mother?! Father?! Where art thou easter eggs!?

Actually tell a mum bought us a mini easter chicken yesterday. It was a little chocolate chick and it tasted really good, just for the record.
Well, I will be off now. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who reads this blog! It means a lot to me c:




I just made a video on my life with  Type One Diabetes!

There it is c:
Go watch it, and share!

Also, please share my blog! I really want to raise awareness of this disease!

There is not much to blog about today.

Me, my friend, my sister and my friend's two sisters went to the park yesterday. It was fabulous and we had a load of fun. Check out the videos on my youtube channel to see. haha!

Okay, well, im off now!

P.S don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight! It's spring!

Friday, 29 March 2013

scary stories and sleepovers

So last night me and my twin sister's friend Lauren slept over.

My pump kept waking her up. I felt so bad! She was like "Ellie...your pump is beeping" and probably went off again five consecutive times after that. I was too tired to deal with it and it was just it needing calibration otherwise it wouldn't be able to get any data but I was too tired to care and I was all disorientated so I was like "just ignore it" well...that was easier said than done. This morning Lauren said to me "I was wondering what the hell it was! It was vibrating on my leg" haha...sorry. She slept at the other end of my bed, you see. So her leg was where my pump was obviously. Woops!

Well those are the joys of my insulin pump.

The scary story I am talking about isn't the generic scary story that you tell at sleepovers about a haunted bonquisha coming in the middle of the night and stealing your soul. nah. I read a story about a lady who didn't look after her diabetes properly when she was younger and she ended up terminating her pregnancy at 10 weeks because her doctors told her that her and the baby would die if she went through with it. She is only thirty, diagnosed at eleven, her diabetes made her put on 4 stone so she skipped insulin due to diabulimia and now she is going blind, may need to undergo a pancreas transplant to hopefully give her body a break from the disease for 10-15 years, but the damage is seemingly already done. Her kindeys are very nearly failing too.

But I am not going to sit here and judge her because I know exactly what she must have been going through at sixteen years old when she decided to stop giving insulin. I would never ever do that but I know that many many girls have issues with weight and stuff, and diabetes makes it worse because insulin makes you put on weight and that really sucks.

Especially being a teenage girl as well.
I feel really sorry for that woman :(
Diabetes really sucks.

Well, like me and my friend Paris always say to each other "Keep your head up! We got this"


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Drama is finished!

I cannot believe that I am finally typing this sentence.  But our Drama  GCSE is over! I cannot believe this. We did our exam this morning and it went really well apart from a slip-up I made at the beginning but my teacher said don't stress over it. She was so proud and she said that we made her cry because our piece was so sad at the end c: I'm a happy bunny right now. My teacher gave me a hug too and was like "I'm so proud!" hehe! I am so happy that we have finally done it and we did it the best we could. All we need to do now is wait until our results in August. I asked my teacher what grade she would give me if she was moderating it and she said high B. So I am hoping the examiner is not a harsh marker! I am sad Drama is over, I might do it for A-Level though c:

Now onto diabetes.

Diabetes, I finally feel in control! I have the CGM on right now and it really helps me keep on top of my blood sugars and testing. My new friend Paris and I are helping each other out with our glucose levels and telling each other everything we ate and all our blood sugars at the end of the day c: Which is really good.

I had an excellent day with my sugars yesterday, they were so perfect and I actually felt like a normal person. It was amazing to not need to drink so much water all the time. Today, was sort of a bad day, because I was nervous and stressed for Drama the adrenaline made my blood sugars rise and I didn't want to give myself too much insulin in case I went low on the stage, then I didn't want to drink too much water in case I needed to go to the toilet while I was performing...but then I felt a bit thirsty due to my elevated blood glucose levels and then I needed to drink water. But, thankfully I didn't need to go to the toilet on stage and I didn't go low either!

Okay, well that was my quick update for you all. I am so shocked that my page views have gone up to 399. Almost 400! cooool c:

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Byeee c:

oh and we have broken up for two weeks for Easter now! YAY!
Have a happy easter on Sunday and for all you diabetics, watch your levels! ;) but eat chocolateee :D


Sunday, 24 March 2013

new diabetic friends- Paris.

If you need me i'll be there  - save the day when you start to lose hope <3

Yay. How the virtual crowd in my head cheer
The microsoft trial ran out on my computer -_- so annoying.

Anyway, I just got back from my nan's house and I was skyping my new diabetic friend called Paris. She is a twin and is diabetic just like me! She is so awesome and funny. Yah.

I find it so cool to talk to another diabetic.
Her twin is not diabetic, just like my sister Lauren!
It is so fun to talk to her, and we were showing each other our meters and I was showing her my pump and stuff. It was cray-cray!

We're diabetic twins!:D

The other day in drama one of the girls in my group was like "I wish I had diabetes sometimes! It makes you skinny!"  UH NO. It is quite the polar opposite actually. My teacher hit her on the head with a bottle and was like "no you do not!" haha. It was funny. But when the girl said that I was like woah, you have no idea what it is like to live with diabetes, if she did she would take that statement back in a heartbeat.

Yeah the blog title is different because I am obsessed with that song now. Omg I just love music. If I didn't have music to listen to I would have no inspiration, and my ears would be so bored.

Listen to Superhero by Luke Conard and Landon Austin I think his name is? Well, there are two guys in the video. I like the song because it is so catchy and I like the lyrics, also, it is acoustic at times and I love acoustic songs!

Okay, I know I haven't blogged in a while but that is because I have been so busy with drama. We had to perform it to our parents the other week and we have to wear these ugly masks, and so I put my one on and I couldn't see! and it was physically hurting my eyes because my hair was in the way and the spotlights were beaming down and everything and ugh, it was just crazy.

I had my endo appointment the other day too. My new doctor is okay... but he isn't as helpful as my old one! :( I really miss my old consultant. Going to the hospital sucks even more now. On the bright side, I lost two kilograms. Which is about 4 and a half pounds. I was like really?!  I was happy about that. But my doctor forgot to tell me my hba1c though.../:

Oh well, that's my life lately.
I will be off now.

P.S I just saw that I have had 352 page views! YAY. cool! Thanks guysss. comment on posts if you want, it makes things a bit more interesting pahaa.

Well, bye c:

...stupid pump beeping, gotta go change it, and put on a sensor. eek.

Sunday, 17 March 2013


It is 1:44am.

Book update again:

I kept the title plain and simply called it "My life as a Type one diabetic teenager"

The book is 32463 words and 95 pages. Once I add on just five more pages it should be up to 100 and done. I'm hoping it will stay at 95 pages, the font is 16 however and I feel that if it is made smaller the book will be less than 95? I don't know.

I'm really tired now.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Wow  I just checked my blog and it said 123 page views. That's pretty cool. Keep on viewing and feel free to make comments on my posts.

So I have not blogged in a while and so I thought I'd give you all a little update on my life.

A couple weeks ago I found out that my consultant is leaving and so on March 19th when I go to clinic I am going to have a new doctor which I am quite sad about because I really liked my old doctor and I am feeling pretty apprehensive about meeting this new doctor but hopefully they will be nice. Also, I had been writing a book on my life with Type One Diabetes and I lost it, but I have recently written a new one which is 20 chapters, 80 pages and over 26,000 words long. I have pretty much finished it and I'm not quite sure what else to write if I'm honest. It feels like such a relief to of finished it and I am going to read it all through later to see how it is which I'm pretty excited about.

I've been overly busy lately with drama rehearsals for our exam on the 27th March which I am feeling really nervous about but hopefully it will go okay; feeling quite anxious. Stress does not do wonders on my blood sugars and so I have been running sort of high lately, I am hoping that will end though and I can go back to feeling like a normal human being again. I'm worried about the adverse affect this will have on my hba1c test though because that was 10.3% last time...woops.

See! See how being a teenager just gets in the way of diabetes, or does diabetes get in the way of diabetes? Ugh. Where is the balance sometimes!?

I've been totally obsessed with explosions by Ellie Goulding lately. I really like the line where she says "it's okay to be afraid" I think that means a lot when you're living with something like diabetes, it's easier to accept that you're afraid sometimes. For example, afraid of the future (Sometimes I am!) it's better than to leave things bottled up and deal with them on you're own. Fear can also be a motivator, fear of complications motivates us diabetics to get out of bed every morning and take this disease by the horns and show it who is in control.

However, I have had a really hard time doing that lately which really sucks for me. I really need to get back on top of things in my life; days with diabetes seem to just fade into a blur because I just skim through the days barely avoiding high blood sugars. I'll be okay though.

I also need a title for my book?
I am not sure what to call it so if you are reading this then feel free to leave a comment as to what I could call it? I am so stuck for ideas and it is really annoying me. lol.

It was mothers day today as well, and I made a homemade card for my mum and so did my twin; apparently she sat there blubbering this morning when she read it, aww. That is so cute, I love my mum to the moon and beyond, with out her and my dad I don't know how I would have got through my diagnosis and just general life- I'd be so lost with out them. My auntie read our cards too and she said to my mum "I'm gonna kill those two for making me cry!" haha. Sorry!

So there was my sort of, essay/update.
I am going to go downstairs and have dinner now.
Glee in 45 minutes!
My computer is also low on battery so this is basically me right now.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Infusion sets.

I forgot to mention, I had to change my infusion set earlier and it was rather disastrous.

I set up the infusion set to fire in to my stomach, I use mios by the way and so I picked it up, picked the place I was going to stab for the billionth time and fired it in. It stung so bad! I was sitting there clenching my teeth, it never really hurts but today it did; i suppose I hit both a vein and a nerve ending...

So I made an attempt to withdraw the needle and this proved to be very challenging and to my dismay the cannula came back out along with the needle! The adhesive had not stuck down properly! I was so annoyed and in pain...haha.

Silly me I let my shirt drop; only to pick it up and find blood smeared all over it- so I had to change my school shirt adding an extra five minutes to my routine this morning. gah.

Yeah, that was the last one for tonight. hehe. I am shattered after todays rather eventfulnday diabetes wise...