Sunday, 24 March 2013

new diabetic friends- Paris.

If you need me i'll be there  - save the day when you start to lose hope <3

Yay. How the virtual crowd in my head cheer
The microsoft trial ran out on my computer -_- so annoying.

Anyway, I just got back from my nan's house and I was skyping my new diabetic friend called Paris. She is a twin and is diabetic just like me! She is so awesome and funny. Yah.

I find it so cool to talk to another diabetic.
Her twin is not diabetic, just like my sister Lauren!
It is so fun to talk to her, and we were showing each other our meters and I was showing her my pump and stuff. It was cray-cray!

We're diabetic twins!:D

The other day in drama one of the girls in my group was like "I wish I had diabetes sometimes! It makes you skinny!"  UH NO. It is quite the polar opposite actually. My teacher hit her on the head with a bottle and was like "no you do not!" haha. It was funny. But when the girl said that I was like woah, you have no idea what it is like to live with diabetes, if she did she would take that statement back in a heartbeat.

Yeah the blog title is different because I am obsessed with that song now. Omg I just love music. If I didn't have music to listen to I would have no inspiration, and my ears would be so bored.

Listen to Superhero by Luke Conard and Landon Austin I think his name is? Well, there are two guys in the video. I like the song because it is so catchy and I like the lyrics, also, it is acoustic at times and I love acoustic songs!

Okay, I know I haven't blogged in a while but that is because I have been so busy with drama. We had to perform it to our parents the other week and we have to wear these ugly masks, and so I put my one on and I couldn't see! and it was physically hurting my eyes because my hair was in the way and the spotlights were beaming down and everything and ugh, it was just crazy.

I had my endo appointment the other day too. My new doctor is okay... but he isn't as helpful as my old one! :( I really miss my old consultant. Going to the hospital sucks even more now. On the bright side, I lost two kilograms. Which is about 4 and a half pounds. I was like really?!  I was happy about that. But my doctor forgot to tell me my hba1c though.../:

Oh well, that's my life lately.
I will be off now.

P.S I just saw that I have had 352 page views! YAY. cool! Thanks guysss. comment on posts if you want, it makes things a bit more interesting pahaa.

Well, bye c:

...stupid pump beeping, gotta go change it, and put on a sensor. eek.

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