Sunday, 31 March 2013

We lost an hour of sleep! & cats.

The clocks have officially gone forward 1 hour. Instead of it being 1:14am right now, it is 2:14am. eek. I am not tired though because I've just lost an hour. Now I gotta wait another hour to be as tired as I would've been at 2:15am if the clocks had stayed at 1:15am! So, at 3:15am, my body will catch up and be tired like I should be now but I'm not because although that clock has gone forward, my body clock has not! If that makes any sense to you at all...well done.

I was low about half an hour ago.
Oh and about half an hour ago my page reached 530 views! YAY. (sorry, just wanted to sneak that in there)

I ate a club bar to regulate my blood sugar. They're so good. I went to get one out of the fridge and my hands were all shaky and so I was just about to eat it and it fell on the floor...oh my goodness...I was appalled. Then I had to get another one out and I guarded it with every inch of energy I had left in my sugar-starved body. I'm all good again now. Yay.

I have been getting this really weird and annoying thing for a very long time now...I get so dizzy when I stand up and my vision goes all hazy and I can't see for a moment and then I have to hold onto something like an invalid. It is so strange and it disappears in a few moments after standing still for a few seconds. I don't know what it is. Oh well.

There is a little cat that comes into our garden a lot and it is so cute. It has a white body and black patches all over it. In particular it has a little black "pirate-patch" over one of her/his eyes! It is adorable and it really brings out the cat's bright green eyes (we are unaware of the gender!) This morning my mum was like "the cat came into the house this morning!" This little kitty is getting very brave. When we first saw it the cat didn't even let us near him/her. It seems to be getting a little bit more confident which is sweet. It tried to jump into the window the other day.

Anyway my mum said that she was in the kitchen with the door open and the cat was j'chillunn' lol jk. No, anyway, back to the story...I get distracted way too easily. OK. The cat was at the door, yeah...blah blah. Oh yes! So then my mum said that she turned around, then looked back and the cat was gone. My mum went into the dining room and then suddenly the cat came out and was making it's way back from the living room. haha. I laughed. I wonder what it even did in there! Just went in for a little cats do.

My mum goes "bloody cheek!" haha. I love my mum, she is so funny. And evidently, so is that little cat!
It was so cute. I could just imagine the little kitty bounding out of the living room so casually. I mean I was surprised it didn't wee anywhere in the living room. It already felt it necessary to "release" on the grass in the garden. What a little beast. Sorry?! Who's garden is that? It should probably stick to going to the toilet in it's own garden. We aren't quite sure who the cat belongs to.

There is another cat that likes to come into our garden sometimes too. It is actually really scary and is like one of those bald siamese rat-cats but with fur. It's fur is jet-black and it is very slim with bright green eyes. I say slim, but it doesn't look skinny - the way it is is almost perfect for it just because of the way it is.  I'm not sure what breed it is but it looks like some sort of pedigree cat. Sometimes it likes to perch on top of our shed and just bask in the sun as if it belongs there.

I love cats, especially my little kitty Fudge! and I miss his brother, Smudge! </3. All cats of the world are welcome in our garden! Unless they're vicious. Then no sorry you are the weakest link.

This is the cat! 

and this is my little kitty, Fudge!

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