Saturday, 30 March 2013

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So, I have literally been sitting at this computer for absolutely hours. When there is stuff to do on the computer it gets really addictive! like, really...

My blood sugars have been really good lately and I am so glad. In all honestly, I owe it all to my new diabetic friend Paris and even though we have never met each other and we live thousands of miles away, she is one of my closest friends because we understand each other on a level that no one else can because we're both diabetic. Everything that diabetes puts us through, we can help each other with because we know exactly how it feels! So, if you're reading this- thank you Paris-Par! ;) (Nicknames, you see...) Go, watch Paris' vlogs on YouTube too: her channel is called OurFamilyBond - they're awesome!

Remember when I said my blood sugars were really good?

Yeah, my blood sugar is 13.8mmols now. Why?!
Take all the insulin and water!!

I like, honestly just cannot be bothered to deal with horrid blood sugars right now...but I have to, so I will. blegh. Its 22:51 and i'm pretty sure the times on this blog is wrong. I also really want to know how I can get some sort of hit counter on my blog page because I have seen other bloggers with it on there and I want to know how they do it?! If you know, please help! Thanks!

What else...

My video has had ten views, wahey!

It's not much at all, I know. My YouTube channel is elshuckle. Go watch and subscribe to moi.

My infusion sites have been kind of hurting me lately for some strange reason. They feel all bruised and stuff. I've noticed as well that now that I have been giving myself a lot more insulin, my daily totals for the last four days are: basal is 33% and bolus is 67% YAY! My daily totals are always hideous, on the downside the extra insulin has made my sites all lumpy again where the insulin builds up, that is so annoying. When I take of my sites if I squeeze my stomach insulin comes out. haha. I shouldn't find that amusing...

Yeah, that's all there is to say for now, really. It is actually 11:55pm. It's Easter Sunday tomorrow! Woohoo. I have not seen any Easter eggs yet...uh, Mother?! Father?! Where art thou easter eggs!?

Actually tell a mum bought us a mini easter chicken yesterday. It was a little chocolate chick and it tasted really good, just for the record.
Well, I will be off now. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who reads this blog! It means a lot to me c:



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