Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter blood sugars

So as we are all painfully aware chocolate is one of the many enemies of blood sugar.

As we all know today was Easter which means lots of yummy chocolate to eat. I was rather anxious about what today would bring for my blood sugars because I normally have a really bad time with chocolate as it likes to make my blood sugars spike right up and then they come crashing down really fast - which does not make me feel good at all. I made sure that I stayed on top of my blood sugars as much as I possibly could and I made sure I kept checking today. I try and make sure of that everyday though. It's just hard. So many things to be distracted by c:

Drumroll...for today's blood sugars. I thought that I would try and keep a log of my blood sugars so you all can see what my blood sugars are when I'm talking about them and things c:

This morning I woke up at 5.6mmols! That's 100mg/dl for those of you in America or any other country apart from Canada or England (those are the only two that I'm aware of that read blood sugars in mmols!) By Lunch time my blood sugar was...5.8mmols! then after lunch it was 7.8mmols, then a couple hours later it was 9.8mmols, then we had some chocolate and it was back down to 6.9mmols!

Easter Sunday blood sugars! 

Morning: 5.6mmols / 100 mg/dl
Lunch: 5.8mmols / 104 mg/dl
After lunch: 7.8mmols / 140 mg/dl
Chocolate: 9.8mmols / 176 mg/dl
After Chocolate: 6.9 mmols/ 124 mg/dl

So all in all today has been pretty good so far. I am so happy that my page views are now over 800 c: so amazing! I hope to get them to 1,000!

I find it easier to control my blood sugars at school than at home because at home there is food around and you can just go and get it whenever you want. Sometimes at home I am not as vigilant with my sugars and I can get a bit lazy! I find it better at school because I have more of a determination to get it right so that I can concentrate in class etc. It's better too because I just sit in class and being in class means I can just do my insulin and check my sugars then leave them be. If they are normal then that's great and I can just leave them alone and they almost always turn out great by break time! but at home I am doing loads of different things and it just ruins my blood sugars. haha. Although, tell a lie, at school it can be hard to control them too if  I am having an extra stressful day with exams or something c:

Yeah that was all I wanted to say really. Thank you again to all of you who read this blog and please follow and share it to twitter, facebook, etc. I want more and more people to see this blog to raise awareness of the life that me and loads of other diabetics live!


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