Monday, 1 April 2013

Pinch, punch, first day of the month

It's April 1st! This year is zooming by super fast. 
I just had a really scary thought too, we get or results back from the maths test we did back in March on April 18th.
^ lol why am I even saying "back in March" it was about five minutes ago...

Anyway swiftly moving on. 

It's also April Fool's day! Woo. Actually, I don't even care about April Fool's. It's rubbish and I never fool anyone anyway. Probably because I'm shamefully bad at fooling people. I remember one time in class on April Fool's day we had a supply teacher and it was a drama class so we were all just mucking around anyway. But um...yeah the whole class had made a plot to fool the teacher and there was this one girl and she was so crazy and would do anything and she agreed to do it. Anyway the plan was to pretend to faint hahaha oh dear...

We were all ready and set up to proceed with our not-so-creative idea and we all tried to act as natural as possible but it didn't work. The teacher sussed something was up but she didn't quite know what and so the girl went ahead and just full-out dropped on the floor and the teacher turned around and was like "omg" but she got up too quickly and the teacher caught us out. It kinda failed really but the teacher bought it for just a second...

I mean that doesn't really count as an April fool on my behalf seeing as that was a joint team effort. pahahaha. 

Speaking of fainting, a girl in my drama class was always talking about how apparently if someone faints in an exam, the whole year get their predicted grades automatically. I don't know why, but yeah. And you know how if my blood sugar goes to low I could faint? It was funny because the girl goes to me "Come on then Ellie, take one for the team!" hahaha it made me laugh because there is a funny side to low blood sugar sometimes and its just the way she said "take one for the team" lol! 

Well, that was my blog fo' today y'all. What is it with this hillbilly accent that I keep typing in that I don't even remotely have?!

Oh also I posted my video on Facebook and wrote this along with it: 

Got bored the other day c: 
I just wanted to make this video because I have been frustrated lately about there not being enough awareness of Type One Diabetes and things & I just wanted to make this video. I want people to be more aware of the disease that I and millions of others live with. Everyday is a battle to survive with diabetes being a 24/7 365 days a year thing. 

It will be four years this June since I was diagnosed and I honestly do not know what I would have done with out my family and friends to support me along the way. It's been a long road with diabetes and I still have a long road ahead but I'll still be smiling along the way despite what diabetes throws at me because life could be worse; then again everyone has their challenges in life and mine is evidently, diabetes. I face the reality everyday that I could have complications from diabetes when I'm older but I try my hardest every single day to try and make sure that doesn't happen.

I know that I am stronger than diabetes and so is everybody else who deals with it every single day. 

I live in the hope for a cure for Type One Diabetes, the cure that would mean no more pain, no more frustrations, a completely normal life (not just the "diabetes normal") and no more diabetes, not just for me, but for everyone living with this disease. 

In the meantime I live every day to the full despite the challenges diabetes presents me with and keep my head held high and so should everybody else dealing with diabetes c: 

Three people have commented on it so far c: 

1. Ellie this is amazing! Your actually an inspiration! <3(:

2. You (and this) are beautiful <3

3. I never realized how hard coping with diabetes was or what could happen. This is 

amazing and so are you! <3 

Looks like its raising awareness already! hehe! Anyway,talk to you guys laterr c: 


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