Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Type One Teens

I have had such a fabulous day today sitting at home and talking to all my friends from the Type One Teens group on Facebook c: To name a few...Charlii, Sam, Arrianne, Georgia...etc. It's been such a blast and they all make me laugh so much. We started off talking about one of the girls on there Steph and how she is back in hospital because of diabetes- but then we started talking about sometimes diabetics can spend a lot of time in hospital when diabetes wants to be a brat.

Then Sam piped up and started saying how we need our own room, then we said that we need our own corridor and how we should roll up to the hospital in sunglasses and burst in through the door with two guards on either side and explosions going off behind us haha. I was laughing so much. Then Sam was like "flash our ID and walk in. "I have diabetes" You got a problem with it then give me a working pancreas!" and then I said yeah we should knock them out and take their pancreas and we were all laughing and it was very funny. You had to be there!

I mentioned the fact that I like the song Chocolate by the 1975 and Arrianne was like "but,  I dont eat chocolate?" then Sam said "why? you got diabetes or something? ;)" I just love how we can joke around about diabetes with each other, but we know exactly what to say because we understand each other and we all go through the same thing so the jokes are always funny. Earlier Sam said he was 6.2mmols after a 200g packet of Doritos and then claimed he was cured and then I suggested we should all inject pureed diabetes <--that was actually a mistake but I am going to leave it anyway because it made me laugh haha! I mean pureed Doritos) and that just sparked off a massive conversation.

Charlii was talking about her pump being called Theodore and Sam was all "what?" then she goes "yeah Ellie named hers too!" and then I told them my pump was Maurice and my meter was Pedro. Then Arrianne said she wanted to name hers Paddy, as in Paddy Irish. Oh goodness. It was funny. We are still chatting now, my messages are binging away! Now we are imagining there was a game with "zombies" but the zombies were actually people with high or low blood sugar and then you had to guess which were high and which were low and if they were low shoot them with sugar and if they were high shoot them with insulin! haha! Amazing idea, right? ;3

I love all of the Type One Teens! We haven't even met but we get on like a house on fire and it is so amazing that one disease has brought so many young people together. Just through the power of diabetes we all had a wonderful conversation today and hopefully will continue to have many more c:

p.s thankyou to all that read this blog and my video on YT has got 300 views and my blog has had over 1,500! thank you so much guys! Also JDRF and Diabetes UK noticed my video and blog and both shared it c: gbdoc shared it too and they asked me if I wanted to blog for them c: Yay so happy c: Remember to share my blog around for me c: thanks again people c:

Well I'm off now!


  1. I like this! Wish I would have had people to talk to about diabetes and joke about it when I was a teen! Keep it up girl!

    1. Thankyou! could you share my blog around too please? I want as many people to see it as possible c:

    2. Thankyou! could you share my blog around too please? I want as many people to see it as possible c:

  2. Sure thing, I'll put a link on my blog ;)