Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Diabetes pet hates!

I woke up with a blood sugar of 6.8 mmol yay!

I love it when my pump is all newly changed, like when the insulin is full and when the battery is full - it just makes it look so much nicer! I think I have a bit of OCD when it comes to things like, when I had my old phone when the battery was low it used to turn red at the top of the screen and I thought it looked so ugly and it would drive me crazy - I couldn't let it get to that point, gosh I know I'm so strange...haha! But everyone has their pet hates.

Speaking of pet hates, lets discuss some about the ever-wonderful DIABEET- stop right there. As you may have guessed, there is my number one pet hate. Ok, it is called Diabetes, not Diabeetus. My old nurse used to say "diabeetus" and every time I heard her say it I felt like saying "sorry? diabeetus? no, thats not what I have. I have diabetes though?" I guess sometimes it is just the way people say it but it sounds really old-fashioned and odd when people say "diabeetus" like, where does the "us" come from "tes"? I mean I guess we will never know, but that is a pet hate of mine.

Rollin' on down to number two. Low blood sugar. It is seriously the most frustrating thing, I find it worse than  High blood sugar in the sense that as soon as your blood sugar drops under 4 mmol. that's it. You're full swing hypoing. But with high blood sugar, sometimes it can be 9 or 10 and that isn't too bad and doesn't make me feel too bad either. It is when they are like 15, 16, and that's a whole different story. I just really hate the way low blood sugar feels; and I can't really describe it because I feel shaky, but it is a different kind of shaky - as well as having jelly legs I can feel it in my torso, it feels like it is almost quivering and that is when I know I'm low for sure- it is the strangest feeling ever. Then I get light headed and clammy and it is just not nice and it is annoying when I have to stop doing something because of it or when I have to get up in the middle of the night. But oh well, I just eat those disgusting glucose tablets to get it back up i mean, those big chunky blocks of pure sugar don't make me feel sick at all...:')

I really also don't like it when my pump gets caught on door handles and things. When it does that I always imagine a toddler being carried away by their parents but then clinging on to the door frame, I just imagine that my tubing grows hands and just clings on. It is so irritating and then sometimes it pulls my canula right out and I'm just like "seriously!? are you kidding me!?" especially when it happens twice in two days like it did last week.

Another thing I don't like is when people decide to tell me about some sort of herbal "cure" for diabetes. Someone told me about one last week and it was all about drinking more water and exercising and curing diabetes and it was really awkward because my friend commented on it and said "that's type 2 diabetes..." I didn't say anything but I felt bad because the person had good intention. They wished me all the best though so that's okay. I just don't like it when I'm watching videos on YouTube or something and there are all these videos "Cure your diabetes in ten simple steps" and they really generalize diabetes too, they don't say which one they are actually talking about and that makes the misconceptions about Type One so much worse and just feeds people all the wrong information, which makes the life of a type one a bit more frustrating. As not only do we have to deal with the diabetes, we also have to deal with the public sometimes.

I could go on forever talking about my pet hates with diabetes, I mean I just hate diabetes in general but there are specifics that make up the general dislike ;) I have an itchy knee too...that was random.

Last one - drum roll...Test strips! I had a rant about my test strips yesterday but this is a different dislike. I don't like it when they fall on the floor, or when I have to throw them in the bin. I mean let's face it, how many of us REALLY throw the test strip in the bin straight away? I don't. Sometimes I just leave a few in my case which is lazy I know but I just test, pull it out and throw it down - i'm not thinking. Besides, I am pretty sure that most of us diabetics do it. We can't lie ;) They are also the hardest things to pick up off of the floor if they fall. You go to pick one up, it lets you half way, and then just falls again. "Ok you can pick me up...ah no wait actually you can't" - Cheeky test strip.

So I probably have loads more but I don't want this blog to be too long and I can't get this itch off of my knee? So baffling.

Thanks for reading and I may blog later, you never know. I'm just a mystical wizard, no one will ever know...ok that is creepy what am I doing!? gosh I just can't stop talking sometimes!

OK ok I'll stop now. Bye!

In the meantime here is a picture of a sunny is not sunny here in London and it is so depressing. Seriously, where has my sunshine gone?! So I will just feel sad and look at photos of my once sunny garden. lol jk, be happy c: 

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