Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Twitter chats, going out and BG bingo

So I took part in a gbdoc chat tonight for the first time in a long time. It was all about alcohol then the adults moved on to well, "other stuff" haha awkward. Yeah we were just talking about the effects of alcohol on the body of diabetics and a couple of them told me their horror stories on when they have gone for a night out but woken up having passed out with paramedics around them! How scary. I guess I have all of that to "look forward to" except not the passing out. The nights out and diabetes part. I am only fifteen so obviously I am not going raging out on the town. It is just for future references.

I know alcohol inhibits the livers production to produce glucose properly so there is an increased risk of dangerous low blood sugars which is scary. A lot of them told me that they always prefer to stay high before drinking alcohol because then they don't have a low blood sugar. I don't know what their medical professionals told them but that is just what they do. Sometimes Diabetes has a bit of DIY expertise required! A lot of the time it can be trial and error. (Please note this is in no way intended to be medical advice! Just telling you a story haha)

I really love talking to all of the diabetics on twitter, they all really make me laugh and are great sources of advice! I love the way I can talk to them about anything and they are all so much more expert on diabetes than I am so they help me out a lot! It is so nice being able to talk to a group of people who completely understand you. I wouldn't change that feeling for the world and couldn't thank the GB doc enough for simply being there and being created! haha!

Diabetes makes it tough to go out on a night out because there is so much to consider. Like where you will carry all of your supplies, if alcohol is involved (for the older diabetics out there!) then you need to consider blood sugar etc. It is just a whirlwind of "are my blood sugars okay?" a lot of the time. Even when I am just out with my friends I am thinking that! God help me when I am older! Haha! Hopefully I will be pro at everything by then! I've only had diabetes for three years so i am still learning; and I think I always will be with type one diabetes. It is all a massive learning curve. and you learn new tips and tricks every single day!

My blood glucose this morning was 6.8 mmol, lunch was 7 mmol or something, I forget. Haha. In between was 7.4 mmol, dinner 6.9 mmol, after dinner 6.6 mmol. We took part in Blood glucose bingo on twitter tonight too! The gbdoc person says a number and who ever's blood glucose is closest wins! So they said "Tonight's number is, 5.1! GO!" so we all test our blood sugars, and post a picture. Whoever is closest wins! Tonight someone was spot on with 5.1 mmol c: I was 5.3 mmol, and another person was close with 5.2 mmol, one was 22.2 mmol, someone else 11.9 haha, it is weird seeing everyone's blood sugar knowing we all just tested at exactly the same time :')

The prize is a big Lenny the Lion, Lenny is a "diabetic lion" and in hospitals they use him to show kids (And sometimes even adults!) where pump sites and injections can go. He is really cute. I have a mini Lenny the Lion. The winner asked for the prize to be donated to the Children's ward of his local hospital which is lovely.

Also, so chuffed with all the views my blog has been getting! I've been getting hundreds every day and my video, (the last time I checked) was up to 388 views! woo! Thanks guys! Okay, i'm off now c:

That is all I have for tonight people! Over and out c:


p.s gbdoc - is the Great Britain Online Diabetes Community <3

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