Saturday, 27 April 2013

Frustrated about school

So, because all of us, the drama students have finished our drama GCSE; our drama lessons are now devoted to revision for the rest of our subjects. Anyway, on Thursday I was chilling in Drama doing my History revision when someone came to the drama room with a note. My drama teacher said "Oh, Ellie you have to go and see the head of English at 3:25" 

My heart skipped a beat.

What. My heart was actually pounding. I never get called to see teachers, I have a boring school life, nothing ever goes on! All I could think was "oh jeez, what's wrong, what have I done, oh my life, kill me now, I don't want to go" Evidently, I had to go, and so I did. 

I hesitantly walked up the stairs to the English office; heart still pounding. I went upstairs to find all of my friends gathered at the lockers "I have to go to the English Office!" My friends started shrieking and saying that a couple of other people had been called up too. I wasn't the only one; I suppose I'm not in this alone then. Right? 

I had already decided that I definitely was not going in first, someone else was going to have to take the plunge. Ok, someone went in. We all sat on the floor outside the English office, contemplating what could be wrong with our English work...The first girl came out...CRYING?! What. We all started to worry a bit more now; this was our English GCSE here, it is safe to say we were all freaking out a little bit. I didn't find out why the girl from my English class was crying, but I guess I would soon find out...

"Shall all three of us go in together?" Me, and two other girls from my class were the last three left to find out what on earth was going on here. We all trailed into the English office, one by one, the head of English gave us a friendly smile before questioning us in what seemed to be like an FBI interrogation. She didn't do it in a mean way, it's just there were lots of questions and some unsure answers. The teacher asked one of the other girls first  "You might be wondering why I've called you in here. No worries. I just need to ask you girls a few questions about your work" uh-oh. What is it?! Come on tell us. The suspense was killing me. 

"Do you know why there is no date on your work?" My friend replied, wide-eyed "Um, I don't know. I don't usually write the dates on my work" The teacher accepted her reply and believed her thank goodness. After all, she wasn't lying. The teacher then asked "Are you 100% sure that you've done this controlled assessment at home?" - "Yes." After a few more questions, she was free to go. It was just me and the other girl left..."I'm just going to ask you girls similar questions" and so she did, and the same questions were asked to the other girl. She replied with similar answers and she was ticked off the list too. 

Now it was my turn. 

The problem with my work wasn't the dates, nor was it if I had done my Controlled Assessment at home. The teacher skimmed through my folder of English work, turned round and said to me "Sorry to have to tell you this, but we are missing one of your Controlled Assessments from Year 10" My heart sunk. I was in shock. How could they lose my work?! I replied "what? Are you sure!?" She was very sure. I couldn't believe it. 

Our English teacher seemed to have track-record for losing bits of student's work. 

The head of English said "What's going to have to happen now is, is that you will have to redo your Controlled Assessment, however it will be a different question. Could you come back and see me tomorrow at break time" I nodded in disbelief and walked out of the room, in complete silence. I was fuming. Chocking back my tears I told my friends. They were just as mortified as I was. 

I worked hard on that assessment and it stressed me out a lot; only for them to turn around, almost two years later and tell me that they have lost it. The first time I did that Controlled Assessment was early Year 10, in 2011. Nearly two years later, with just 2 months left of Year 11 - it has been lost. 

Now, I'm stressing this weekend because I have to redo this controlled assessment on Monday morning, with just two days to prepare for it because I only found out yesterday, on Friday. Because I have to do this controlled assessment straight after assembly on Monday morning, I am now going to miss most of my biology lesson; to prepare for the Biology GCSE exam...that we will be sitting in three weeks. 

Yep. School is going great right now. I still have no idea what to write for this assessment either, and it's Saturday. I have one day left. 


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  1. Yikes, Ellie. I'm sorry about that. My geometry teacher has a habit of loosing our homework...and it's usually always MINE that gets lost. It makes me so mad when I look at my grades online and I see a dozen red marks (meaning the assignment wasn't turned in) and she blames ME for the loss of MY papers. I totally get how you feel.