Monday, 8 April 2013

Newspaper nails

Today me and my sister tried to do 'Newspaper nails'

It is where you cut out some newspaper or parts of a magazine and you put a base coat on your nails; then put the piece of writing over your nails, then get a Q-tip, dip it in water or alcohol and rub it over the piece of newspaper then hold it for 40 seconds, and HOPEFULLY the writing should print onto your nails. Mine kind of failed. Look:

I'm going to take it off and redo them later; if I can be bothered to do them, that is. haha. 

I woke up with a blood sugar of 4.1 mmol this morning, it's now 12:45 pm and I'm 8.5 mmol. My sister goes "8.5?! Bunny hop backwards" But my mother said I was fine so, HA! These are the best blood sugars I have had for consecutive days in ages. I am so glad. Hm, what local MP still hasn't got back to me on the diabetes awareness things, which I'm really sad about; well he must be really busy so I am not going to pester him! I'm just really eager to get some awareness out there, you see c:

I am so glad that my blog has had over 2,300 views, I never imagined it would get so many c: I'm so happy and really want it to be seen more so please feel free to share it around people! c: 


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