Monday, 1 April 2013

Bunnies, incentives & Pizza

Today we went to pizza express for lunch and it was yummy! My blood sugar was more than perfect at 5.6 mmol/100 mg/dl c: So happy. Now i'm 6.4 mmol a few hours later which is fabulous.

Unfortunately my sensor has run out and so it is starting to play up and tell me my blood sugar is higher than it is and so I have a very false graph for the last day or two which is very annoying. It's okay though I have taken it off and will probably put on another one in due course...just gotta let my stomach heal up now because it has left a big fat bruise and is feeling rather sore. The sensor does that sometimes, just as my infusion sites do.

You're probably wondering why on earth my title says 'Bunnies' well, here is the exciting part. My mum has been talking about incentives and so earlier today, I asked her that if I get my hba1c down by my appointment in June then can we get a bunny rabbit? and she agreed! Yay! I have wanted a bunny for ages and my parents would never get a dog and I already have a kitty kat, Fudge. So, why not a rabbit?c: We want a dwarf rabbit too and I am so so excited because i love them! I am really working hard on my blood sugars now and hope that I get a good hba1c so I can get a bunny c: Aaah. I am already thinking of names...custard...? Custard sounds adorable. Comment what names you think are cute c:

I am really really excited for my appointment in June now and want a bunny c:

Yeah there was my quick update. I am so happy that my blog has now reached 1,127 views. I am so amazed :D

Okay well, I may be blogging again later c: In the meantime, see you!

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