Thursday, 4 April 2013

I love cats and diabetes awareness

Remember I told you all about the little cat that always comes into our garden? Well it was here today and I think it is so cute. Lauren thinks that the cat looks like the devil because its eyes are really green and it has huge black pupils haha. I find it adorable personally. We don't know what gender the cat is so we just call the cat "it". 

I felt sorry for it because earlier today I saw the kitty just sitting on the fence in the snow so when I saw it at the door I went to get some tuna and put it in a bowl for the kitty c: It ate it all and was so cute. I love cats! 

Anyway, time for the second part of this blog. I am really excited because my local MP replied to me about raising awareness of diabetes and said he would get round to reading my letter properly and replying and he said he would watch my video too. He promised me he would for definite as it is an important issue :D yay! I am so glad. I am really really excited to hear his reply and I hope that we can do something big to raise awareness for diabetes. It is just, my absolute dream for everyone to know about Type One Diabetes. 

I also had an amazing day with my blood sugars today, they never went above 8 mmol! Every time I have a good blood sugar I make my parents do a "bunny hop" because every good blood sugar I have means a lower a1c and one step closer to getting our mini bunnies! Yippee!

I don't have much to say today...I can't believe it snowed earlier. Welcome to Spring! Not. 

Well I'm off now to paint my nails- haven't done them in a long time! 


  1. Great blog post Ellie! Welcome to the world of saying what's on your mind on our roller coaster ride with diabetes! I was diagnosed back in 1967 - and still going strong. Psst - if I lived in the country I would have LOTS of cats (only have two right now - hubby says ... NO MORE). Pish posh I say - until another one comes knocking at my door mewing for a home \\^,,^//

  2. Thankyou! and yes haha! Wow, that is a long time ago! Must'v e been very different back then; amazing job for doing so well c: and oh I would have lots of cats too ;) haha!