Sunday, 21 April 2013


No one understands a diabetic like a diabetic does.

It's just, a fact. Like, there is no way around that sentence.

Do you guys want to know who my closest diabetic friend is?

Her name is Paris; she is sixteen years old, seventeen in July. She has a twin sister called Patrice and her mummy is pregnant with their little sister India and she has two dogs, Pixie and Pearly. She is a Type One Diabetic just like me and we talk literally every day. Tonight we skyped for over three hours.We just never run out of things to talk about. She wants to be a model and her favourite colour is purple and I know that she loves string-beans! But there is just one thing...

She lives over 3,000 miles away from me in Maryland, USA.

But I guess me and Paris being so close just kind of proves how much two diabetics just click. We are just two teenagers, both facing the same struggle with Type One Diabetes and I am so glad to of met Paris because she knows EXACTLY what I go through because she goes through it too.

Tonight when we were on Skype it was so fun; we were showing each other all of our diabetes supplies and our boxes jammed full of the stuff that if we didn't have, we wouldn't even be alive right now. We were comparing glucose tablets and glucogels, simultaneously blood sugar testing and we even tested our twin sisters' blood sugars; Lauren and Patrice. Lauren and Patrice aren't diabetic, Lauren's blood sugar was 6.3 mmol and Patrice's was 6 mmol. BUT, in a shock twist, the diabetic, being me. Has actually beaten the non-diabetics in the battle of the bloods.

My blood sugars came in at a miraculous 5.9 mmol.
Woo; where is my applause?

That is a pretty monumental moment right there, people. For once the diabetic, was not a diabetic. Well, techincally I was but, just for those few minutes; I was not and I was normal. My blood sugars were mingling in with the non-diabetic blood sugars, trying to act all cool and stuff. But obviously, it didn't last so you I'm not normal anymore and I'm back to being a regular diabetic.

Haha, that paragraph must look so weird.

Anyway, I am so happy to of met my Paris! She is kind and she's funny and she is my diabetic best friend. I have never been closer to another diabetic than I have with Paris and she lives all the way in the USA; now that's saying something. I am just so amazed how one disease can bring so many people together and it brought me and Paris together and now neither of us feel completely alone with Diabetes because whenever I am having a tough time I just message Paris and we get talking about everything and anything, diabetes related or not!

This made me reflect on the #DOC too. Just how grateful I am to have such wonderful people on Twitter that I can talk to whenever I need help or just want to chat.
Honestly, if you aren't diabetic I just need to tell you; that, I would not exchange the feeling of fitting in.
Even though a lot of the people I talk to on Twitter are older than me, we still go through exactly the same thing so we all generally understand one another. Some are wiser in diabetes years, others are just starting off. Everyone just...clicks.

I remember when I first found the #DOC and I was just like "woah. There is so many of us!" I felt like a little kid at a playground, so much to look at, so many people to say hi to! That is the power of social media too. I just feel like we all have our own little Twitter world. It's awesome.

Just, thank you to all of you amazing people out there who have been there for me to talk to because some days I feel like I would go insane with out having someone there to talk to who actually really really UNDERSTANDS me.


  1. I have that exact same feeling with my friend Heather. We've been friends all our lives. She was diagnosed when we were in 5th grade. I helped her through it all and when I was diagnosed she was the one there for me.
    My friend Tyler is diabetic too but he doesn't like talking about it. He acts like it doesn't exist, which annoys me.
    I'm very grateful to meet or chat with diabetics. It makes me feel less lonely ...

  2. Aw that's cute! & oh well that sucks, I really like talking about diabetes; especially to other people, educating them and stuff. I find it nice to talk about it, you can't run away from it like it isn't there because unfortunately it is :( c: