Sunday, 28 April 2013

Twenty Questions

I'm really bored so I've decided to do a Question and Answer blog post. I gathered up some questions from people and now I'm going to answer them because, like I said; I'm bored.

1. What are your biggest challenges with Diabetes?
-Well, I would say that my biggest challenge with Diabetes is the mental side of it all. I used to struggle a great deal with getting my blood sugars well controlled and I didn't have any drive to test my blood sugars or give my insulin. I just found it really difficult and last year was the worst year that I have had Diabetes-wise. I mean, 2012 was also a pretty stressful year. Year 10 exams, confirmation, our kitty got really ill and then he died (RIP Smudgie<3) the threat of the end of the world...ha ha I'm kidding I wasn't stressed over the last one! And other stressful stuff that I know happened but I can't think of right now. Yeah, it just drove me mad and sometimes it still does- but I seemed to of learned to cope with it a bit more now.

2. How well controlled is your diabetes on a scale of 1-10?
-Hmm...about six, maybe seven. It probably used to be terrible, probably about a four or a five...

3. Is there anyone else in your family who has Type One Diabetes?
-Nope. I am the only one!

4. How is life so far dealing with Diabetes?
-Life living with diabetes is, different. It's hard and it's stressful and it can be painful too. But, I deal with it. by talking to my diabetic friends (especially my Par-Par who is my best diabetic friend<3 oh and I like talking to Tara too) and by writing this blog and Twitter, and especially with the amazing support of my family and even my non-diabetic friends. I know that I am tougher than diabetes. Even though I know I will have good days and bad days, I will still stand tall and not let diabetes bring me down.

5. How do you think Diabetes will be cured?
-That's a tough one! Erm, I'm not sure to be honest. This new little bionic organ thing that the scientists have got going on looks pretty promising at the moment. But, I'm really not sure. Who knows!

6. How do you feel about having a twin sister who isn't Diabetic?
- As some of you may know, I have a non-diabetic twin sister. Sometimes, it gets frustrating. I get jealous because she doesn't have to worry about all of the stuff I have to worry about. While she is sleeping at night I'm up at 3am testing my blood sugar, she goes downstairs and starts eating before me because I have to check my blood sugars, my sister can take part in PE with out needing to stop and take glucose tablets; she can live her life not worrying about Diabetes and the dangerous blood sugars and the threat of complications.  Occasionally she has this deluded idea that my parents love me more because I have Diabetes; which isn't true; they love us equally. Yeah, having a non-diabetic twin is hard, but she still looks out for me which is all that matters.

7. Has diabetes stopped you from accomplishing anything?
- Nope. And it never will.

8. What are your top four hobbies?
- My top four hobbies, would be...Blogging, hanging out with friends, drawing and taking pictures.

9. What is your dream job?
- My dream job used to be to be a pediatrician, but now I want to do something to do with Theatre, or being on stage. I love performing and being on TV a lot when I was younger just made me realise that I love to act. Either that, or I want to do something to do with Diabetes advocacy or something of the sort.

10. Who is your role model?
- My role model is my mum. My mum is my role model because she beat breast cancer a few years ago and she managed to get herself back up again to become a successful personal trainer and she is the best mum anyone could ask for. My mum and my dad have both been there for me all my life; diabetes related or not and I couldn't ask for better parents. My mum is my inspiration and my rock.

11. If you had a million pounds how would you spend it?
- If I had a million pounds I would share a lot of it between my parents and my family; then I would give some to Diabetes UK, JDRF and Cancer Research UK; then keep a bit for myself.

12. What is one of your favourite quotes?
- I have a couple of favourite quotes. One would be 'You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have left" this quote really helped me to stay positive with Diabetes over the years and has taught me to stay strong no matter what. The second one is 'The biggest gift a patient with diabetes could ever receive is a way to make diabetes itself the road. To find meaning in living with diabetes' I just love this quote because I am trying to find meaning in living with diabetes, I am using it to educate others on the disease, and be an advocate for it and to learn from it.

13. What is your main goal in life?
- To be successful and to live a long and healthy life.

14. Your dream holiday?
- My dream holiday would have to be to go to Hawaii or Australia with all of my family. I think Hawaii is really pretty and I just generally really like Australia. I like watching 'Bondi Beach' so I would love to visit there! ha ha.

15. Your biggest dream?
- My biggest dream is to raise loads and loads of awareness for Type One Diabetes and get it fully recognised and understood by everyone.

16. Do you eat healthy?
- Hmm...I don't live off vegetables and fruit. However, I do really like fruit and I have grown to really enjoy more vegetables. My mum is really good at making sure that we all eat healthy and I love salad and like I said I enjoy fruits and vegetables so that isn't a problem at all. I do have a sweet tooth for chocolate though, as do most people. ha ha. But I really don't eat chocolate and sweets an awful lot but when they're around, so am I! he he. I have a weakness for bread, I love bread. But we have mostly brown bread in the house so that isn't too bad either. My favourite food is pasta, nothing like pizza or chips or kebab. I've also never had a kebab and don't really want to eat one either if I'm honest. I can't stand things that are too fatty or greasy.

17. Do you play an instrument?
- No I do not. I have attempted to play instruments in the past but never quite managed to get the hang of it. Me and my sister and a couple of our other friends went to recorder lessons in Primary school, we went for a while but then we got bored and quit. I went to a guitar lesson, a couple of years ago I think it was, and I just couldn't manage to do it so I never went back to that either. ha ha. Instruments just aren't the one for me!

18. Your favourite TV series?
- Oh jeez don't even get me started on TV. I watch a lot of TV. I like...Casualty, New Girl, Animal ER, Bondi Rescue, Sun, sea and A&E, World's strictest parents, Britain's Got Talent, 24 hours in A&E, Alan Carr: chatty man, Dynamo: The magician, Derren Brown, The Jonathan Ross Show, Eastenders, You've been framed and I think there is more but I probably just can't remember them.

19. What is your favourite colour?
- I have more than one favourite colour, I like purple, blue, coral, navy blue and sometimes I really like the colour green.

20. How long have you been Type One Diabetic? Are you on a pump or injections?
- I will have been a Type One Diabetic for four years in June this year. I was diagnosed age eleven in June 2009. I was on five injections a day of Novorapid before meals and snacks and for corrections, and Levemir  before bedtime and in the morning. I then got my insulin pump on June 14th 2011 and I use Novorapid insulin, the same as before. I love my pump. It is a purple medtronic insulin pump.

Okay. There you have it guys! Sorry it was so long. But yeah I hope you enjoyed reading it. Goodnight!


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  1. Nice post. It was great to get to know you a little bit more Ellie. Wrote my own answers to your questions on my blog. Check it out!