Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sheer ignorance


Just thought I'd give you all a more exciting hello this time. Like to mix things up a bit you see.

Any who...ah damn I forgot what I was going to say! Oh yeah! People on Instagram who hash tag Diabetes on a sugary food are one of the most annoying specimens ever to walk this earth. Why, why, would you make a joke out of a chronic's not funny. It just angers me to see people like "Just made ma self a bowl of diabeetez xoxox" HAHAHAHHAHA NO. No you did not just make yourself a bowl of diabetes. You made yourself a bowl of sugar which at the most will rot your teeth and fur up your arteries.

Most of them would say "Well I don't know about diabetes" If someone does not know something about a disease then the wise idea would be just to not say anything at all and risk offending people. Me and a couple of my friends off of the Type One Teens group on Facebook, Jazzy, Lois and Rebecca; were on Instagram today just creeping on the uneducated fools who are responsible for the travesties. We were all outraged. Diabetes is a serious thing and people don't know that there are two types, and even though type two is associated with a bad diet, it isn't the bad diet itself all together, many are just generally genetically predisposed to developing the condition. When someone hears Diabetes they also think of a fat old person wheeling around in their motor scooter with one leg and a missing eye ball, when there are teenagers like me, Jazzy,  Rebecca and Lois living with diabetes every single day; struggling to get through the day with out any slip-ups or bad blood sugars that make us feel like rubbish.

Then there are people out there who are perfectly healthy and lucky enough not to have diabetes making a massive joke out of it all and it is really annoying to see! Diabetes isn't a word just to be thrown around by those who see it as a huge joke just because it is normally and wrongly associated with fat people or those who eat too much sugar. It is just sheer ignorance and people like that on all of these social media websites feed all the misconceptions and it isn't fair on those of us who actually have diabetes and know that that is not what our disease is about.

Rant over. I could say more but if I'm honest, I can't think of it all right now!
Anyway, Goodnight!

p.s yay for reaching over 2,000 views! Yippeee!


  1. I feel your pain. I hate when I go on the diabetes hashtag on twitter or instagram because people are so inconsiderate about what they post. It's seriously like a guy posting a picture of their shaved head and they said, "I'm bald. #cancer" It makes me want to scream. (Love your blog, by the way.)

  2. Yeah it is exactly like that! But people would not dare do it. Yet they think its okay to make fun of diabetes /: ahah! & aw thank you im glad!

  3. Yeah it is exactly like that! But people would not dare do it. Yet they think its okay to make fun of diabetes /: ahah! & aw thank you im glad!