Friday, 5 April 2013

Lesson learnt & cute shops

Today me, my mum and Lauren went over to my auntie's house and we practiced making Rice krispie cakes, yummy! The absence of golden syrup meant they didn't really stick together so when I bit into mine there was a massive rice krispie explosion and they scattered all over the table. It was so unfortunate. Oh well at least it tasted nice! The moral of the story is, don't use maple syrup as an alternative to golden syrup! There is clearly a reason they say golden syrup, as we found out...we learnt our lesson!

What else did we do today...oh! We had to go to the chemist to get another vial of insulin for me, we have to go back and get the rest tomorrow though because they only had one. mum and Lauren also visited  a really cute shop today! It was called Love13 and I can safely say...I fell in love c: It was so cute & I now have a lovely new notebook to write my blood sugars in! I have been looking for one for ages. I like it a lot, it has trees on it and I like nature so that's good. Then mum picked up her jeans from Wild Daisy which is also very cute- and well, overall met a few of mum's friends today which was nice c:

The day got off to a gloomy start but it has brightened up a lot now which I am so happy about. I just love sunny evenings; they remind me of Summer and Summer/Spring are my favourite months because it is so sunny. I would say I like Summer better because it is warmer but who can trust the English weather? Plus, there is bees and wasps about and I absolutely hate them with a burning passion. They scare me so much. Why do they need to buzz in your ear?! It makes me go all tingly just thinking about it.

I had a good blood sugar day today as well which is amazing, I love the feeling of having a good blood sugar and I love making my parents proud. I can't describe how happy I feel every time a good blood sugar comes up. It has taken me a long time to get to such a good point in my life with regards to my blood sugar, I have struggled a lot in the past few months to find the motivation to do everything properly being a teenager and all, I have school and friends and hormones and all the other things that seem to want to distract me. But I have got here in the end and it is so wonderful.

^I always say that because I just love saying it. Sometimes me and my sister say ''Peace&Blessins'" in an American Hillbilly accent and I just sort of took it and changed it to insulin really...

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