Sunday, 7 April 2013

Still in my pyjamas...awk.

What is my life. I'm still in my pyjamas and it's 14:20pm. It's okay though, only because we had a busy morning cleaning our room rather thoroughly. I'm about to go get dressed now though.

I am still keeping up with my good blood sugars which is amazing, and I found this really awesome quote the other day. I forget who it's by but I don't care I just care about the quote really:

"The biggest gift a patient with diabetes can ever receive is a way to make diabetes itself the road. To find meaning in living with diabetes"

I really love that quote because it is true. Find a way to embrace what you've got and hold onto the good. Don't always focus on the bad. I am trying to do something with my diabetes to help others, to make a difference and you should to :) 

(If you're diabetic of course) 


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