Monday, 1 April 2013

Bank holiday Monday

It is bank holiday Monday today as we all know. Bank holidays are always lazy days!

I got a great response on my video and it's really touching seeing everybody's comments! I'm happy to see that people took an interest in my video and like it c: I couldn't ask for anything more than for people just to know exactly what diabetics live with and how frustrating and relentless diabetes can be.

Anyway, my mum didn't really want this to be too much of a lazy day so I think we might be going out for lunch today- but we aren't entirely sure what is actually open. My mum put in Google "Restaurants open in London on Bank Holiday Monday" it's safe to say we had no luck there. Maybe we should have put in Easter Monday, but even then it would've still come up with some sort of irrelevant story regarding an Easter Bunny and a bunch of kids. Well, that's what normally comes up as soon as the word 'Easter' comes into the equation.

I woke up with a blood glucose of 4.6 mmol this morning and my sensor screaming to be calibrated AGAIN. I had the rest of my Easter egg because I was hungry and chocolate is nice.

Hehe! I love Easter. But you do end up feeling slightly sick at the end of it all, and for a diabetic sometimes the end result isn't very good- but it's's hard to keep on top of it with loads of food and chocolate around, just there..."eat me!" - "WELL if you insist!" See, it's just hard, kay? :')

I mean considering, my blood sugars have actually been good! That paragraph was for those of us who found ourselves "letting go" slightly yesterday c;

Ok well I need to get ready so, bye!
And I am really really happy about having 933 views on my page. Nearly 1000! Please like and share my blog etc. It really means a lot to me.



  1. Hey Ellie! Thanks for your comment on SUM this morning, and I'm looking forward to checking out your site! :)

  2. Ah thank you for your comment! Would you be able to share my blog around? c: and how did you get so many people to see your blog? c: