Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Infusion sets.

I forgot to mention, I had to change my infusion set earlier and it was rather disastrous.

I set up the infusion set to fire in to my stomach, I use mios by the way and so I picked it up, picked the place I was going to stab for the billionth time and fired it in. It stung so bad! I was sitting there clenching my teeth, it never really hurts but today it did; i suppose I hit both a vein and a nerve ending...

So I made an attempt to withdraw the needle and this proved to be very challenging and to my dismay the cannula came back out along with the needle! The adhesive had not stuck down properly! I was so annoyed and in pain...haha.

Silly me I let my shirt drop; only to pick it up and find blood smeared all over it- so I had to change my school shirt adding an extra five minutes to my routine this morning. gah.

Yeah, that was the last one for tonight. hehe. I am shattered after todays rather eventfulnday diabetes wise...


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