Thursday, 28 March 2013

Drama is finished!

I cannot believe that I am finally typing this sentence.  But our Drama  GCSE is over! I cannot believe this. We did our exam this morning and it went really well apart from a slip-up I made at the beginning but my teacher said don't stress over it. She was so proud and she said that we made her cry because our piece was so sad at the end c: I'm a happy bunny right now. My teacher gave me a hug too and was like "I'm so proud!" hehe! I am so happy that we have finally done it and we did it the best we could. All we need to do now is wait until our results in August. I asked my teacher what grade she would give me if she was moderating it and she said high B. So I am hoping the examiner is not a harsh marker! I am sad Drama is over, I might do it for A-Level though c:

Now onto diabetes.

Diabetes, I finally feel in control! I have the CGM on right now and it really helps me keep on top of my blood sugars and testing. My new friend Paris and I are helping each other out with our glucose levels and telling each other everything we ate and all our blood sugars at the end of the day c: Which is really good.

I had an excellent day with my sugars yesterday, they were so perfect and I actually felt like a normal person. It was amazing to not need to drink so much water all the time. Today, was sort of a bad day, because I was nervous and stressed for Drama the adrenaline made my blood sugars rise and I didn't want to give myself too much insulin in case I went low on the stage, then I didn't want to drink too much water in case I needed to go to the toilet while I was performing...but then I felt a bit thirsty due to my elevated blood glucose levels and then I needed to drink water. But, thankfully I didn't need to go to the toilet on stage and I didn't go low either!

Okay, well that was my quick update for you all. I am so shocked that my page views have gone up to 399. Almost 400! cooool c:

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Byeee c:

oh and we have broken up for two weeks for Easter now! YAY!
Have a happy easter on Sunday and for all you diabetics, watch your levels! ;) but eat chocolateee :D


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