Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunnies have arrived!

Happy Easter to all of you wonderful people out there. It is 10:56am and I am getting ready to go to my nan's house. My mum came in this morning and gave us a Lindt Easter Egg and some money. How fabulous. It's safe to say I'm totally excited to eat this easter egg because it looks fabulous. There are three mini chocolate bunnys in there too that come with it.

I wonder where this whole chocolate thing came from? Out of the day that Jesus apparently went risinn' on up (hillbilly accent - don't ask why) but yeah. I am confused. Maybe I'll search that up.  Maybe Jesus was given chocolate by a chicken and a bunny...hmm...

This is a quick one! Last night's was loooong. AND oh my goodness, I could not get to sleep last night! It was like 4:30am and I was just laying there, not tired and not comfortable. Pretty sure I had an unprecedented case of insomnia gracing me last night. My sensor woke me up this morning, very rudely at that. It needs to be calibrated AGAIN. It's actually like a baby. It's so demanding- forever moaning!

Oooh my dad's home and we gotta go get ready!
Have a fabulous day everyone c:

p.s I'm up to 602 page views! woohoo. If you see this blog please share it around etc. Thanks guys!


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