Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pump site


It happened again. You know yesterday I said that I got my tubing caught on the door and it ripped out? It happened AGAIN.  These things come off way too easily and the tube is too long. It's so annoying. My nurse recommended that I use the sure-t infusion sites or something, and that is a metal canula but it has an extra adhesive bit to keep it more secure. I am not too sure about the metal canual though...that is a bit daunting .It sounds like it would hurt and I like the fact that the plastic canula is flexible.

I don't know. So now I have to go downstairs and change my infusion site again. I am running out of places to put it as well :( I never use my arms or legs so it's just my stomach and I have my sensor on one side of my stomach too, so there is limited space. It's all getting a bit lumpy and I do not like it. Fatty bits make it hard for the insulin to be absorbed and I'm doing so well I don't want the silly pump site to ruin it.

Oh well...Now I really have to go and get ready, and hurry up at that. haha. I am too addicted to this! & my page views have gone up to 631 ?! Wow .You people are fabulous.  Follow this blog, share it etc. c:

Thanks guys!

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