Friday, 29 March 2013

scary stories and sleepovers

So last night me and my twin sister's friend Lauren slept over.

My pump kept waking her up. I felt so bad! She was like "Ellie...your pump is beeping" and probably went off again five consecutive times after that. I was too tired to deal with it and it was just it needing calibration otherwise it wouldn't be able to get any data but I was too tired to care and I was all disorientated so I was like "just ignore it" well...that was easier said than done. This morning Lauren said to me "I was wondering what the hell it was! It was vibrating on my leg" haha...sorry. She slept at the other end of my bed, you see. So her leg was where my pump was obviously. Woops!

Well those are the joys of my insulin pump.

The scary story I am talking about isn't the generic scary story that you tell at sleepovers about a haunted bonquisha coming in the middle of the night and stealing your soul. nah. I read a story about a lady who didn't look after her diabetes properly when she was younger and she ended up terminating her pregnancy at 10 weeks because her doctors told her that her and the baby would die if she went through with it. She is only thirty, diagnosed at eleven, her diabetes made her put on 4 stone so she skipped insulin due to diabulimia and now she is going blind, may need to undergo a pancreas transplant to hopefully give her body a break from the disease for 10-15 years, but the damage is seemingly already done. Her kindeys are very nearly failing too.

But I am not going to sit here and judge her because I know exactly what she must have been going through at sixteen years old when she decided to stop giving insulin. I would never ever do that but I know that many many girls have issues with weight and stuff, and diabetes makes it worse because insulin makes you put on weight and that really sucks.

Especially being a teenage girl as well.
I feel really sorry for that woman :(
Diabetes really sucks.

Well, like me and my friend Paris always say to each other "Keep your head up! We got this"


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