Sunday, 10 March 2013


Wow  I just checked my blog and it said 123 page views. That's pretty cool. Keep on viewing and feel free to make comments on my posts.

So I have not blogged in a while and so I thought I'd give you all a little update on my life.

A couple weeks ago I found out that my consultant is leaving and so on March 19th when I go to clinic I am going to have a new doctor which I am quite sad about because I really liked my old doctor and I am feeling pretty apprehensive about meeting this new doctor but hopefully they will be nice. Also, I had been writing a book on my life with Type One Diabetes and I lost it, but I have recently written a new one which is 20 chapters, 80 pages and over 26,000 words long. I have pretty much finished it and I'm not quite sure what else to write if I'm honest. It feels like such a relief to of finished it and I am going to read it all through later to see how it is which I'm pretty excited about.

I've been overly busy lately with drama rehearsals for our exam on the 27th March which I am feeling really nervous about but hopefully it will go okay; feeling quite anxious. Stress does not do wonders on my blood sugars and so I have been running sort of high lately, I am hoping that will end though and I can go back to feeling like a normal human being again. I'm worried about the adverse affect this will have on my hba1c test though because that was 10.3% last time...woops.

See! See how being a teenager just gets in the way of diabetes, or does diabetes get in the way of diabetes? Ugh. Where is the balance sometimes!?

I've been totally obsessed with explosions by Ellie Goulding lately. I really like the line where she says "it's okay to be afraid" I think that means a lot when you're living with something like diabetes, it's easier to accept that you're afraid sometimes. For example, afraid of the future (Sometimes I am!) it's better than to leave things bottled up and deal with them on you're own. Fear can also be a motivator, fear of complications motivates us diabetics to get out of bed every morning and take this disease by the horns and show it who is in control.

However, I have had a really hard time doing that lately which really sucks for me. I really need to get back on top of things in my life; days with diabetes seem to just fade into a blur because I just skim through the days barely avoiding high blood sugars. I'll be okay though.

I also need a title for my book?
I am not sure what to call it so if you are reading this then feel free to leave a comment as to what I could call it? I am so stuck for ideas and it is really annoying me. lol.

It was mothers day today as well, and I made a homemade card for my mum and so did my twin; apparently she sat there blubbering this morning when she read it, aww. That is so cute, I love my mum to the moon and beyond, with out her and my dad I don't know how I would have got through my diagnosis and just general life- I'd be so lost with out them. My auntie read our cards too and she said to my mum "I'm gonna kill those two for making me cry!" haha. Sorry!

So there was my sort of, essay/update.
I am going to go downstairs and have dinner now.
Glee in 45 minutes!
My computer is also low on battery so this is basically me right now.

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