Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dear Diabetes

Last night and this morning/today I posted a photo to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that I had seen online; the photo was someone holding up a piece of paper that read 'Dear Diabetes'. I posted it with the caption "How would you finish this sentence?" I got a few replies and I thought I would turn them into a blog post. I view these comments on diabetes as those we wish we could say to it if it were a person; these are the thoughts that come from deep within our frustrated diabetic brains...the thoughts that hardly ever surface because we're too busy trying to keep ourselves alive to dwell on just how annoying and frustrating a life with type one diabetes is; however, most of these comments have an air of positivity about them, because no matter how great the struggle is that diabetes brings- as type one diabetics we have learnt to look for the good in our situation, whether that be being made a stronger person, or being made more aware of health. I'm going to put the comments below. Hopefully this can give non-diabetics an insight into just what goes through a diabetics head when they're asked to reflect on their disease; perhaps then non-diabetics can try to understand more just how tough it is to live with type one diabetes. You will also see that I decided to turn some of them into a drawing.

"Please F off and get out of my life. It would be much appreciated. Thanks. From your best friend, Chloe." - Chloe from Type One Teens on Facebook also known as @thattypeonediabetic 
"F you diabetes!" @sami_rr
"We have been together for ten years but we never make each other happy. I think it's time we go our separate ways. P.S You we're always a bitch." @zainalitype1
"I'm tired of you getting in the way of my sweet tooth! Sometimes a girl just wants to eat an entire pint of ice cream without worrying that it will make her feet fall off!" @katie__eliza
"I am sick and tired of you interfering with almost every aspect of my life. Go take a long walk off of a short pier." @faithfulannie
"Type one diabetes can't stop us! Keep on fighting." @ciniminnie 
"After twelve years of fighting and struggling I am asking you one more time...what are you doing to me? Can't you just make me happy for once and leave? I don't want to hurt your feelings...actually I do. I hate you, diabetes." @myrtheheida
"Bye!" -  Jacob from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I've had enough of you. I want my childhood back. It would be great if you left and stopped causing trouble with my body. I do not want to lose any of my limbs so jump in front of a bus. From your soul mate, Naomi." @thatenglishdiabetic
"Thank you for making me grateful for everyday that I live. But stop waking me up at 3am with low blood sugar." @sarahbirmingfag
"You have changed my life in more ways than I can comprehend. My outlook on everything has changed. From the people I love to the food that I eat. You taught me that not everyone takes you for who you truly are, people have thought I am contagious. You have taught me to value everyday that I wake up, because maybe one day you could be the reason that I don't. I'm a healthier person because of you and I have a drive to tell the world all about how mean you can be and how difficult you are. I spread awareness because I hope that you won't exist any more." @help_find_cure 
"Let me sleep." - Kai from Type One Teens on Facebook 
"You've made me stronger, wiser and a little bit edgy. Thank you for choosing me to prove to the world what a strong person that I am and always will be. And thank you for leading me to the realisation that awareness is my responsibility." @nosa109
"Go away diabetes!" @Mrs_Nichola_D
"Can you just give me a friggen break! You're a bas**rd, but thanks to you I have met some amazing people that I now call family, you can f*** off now...thanks" - Arrianne from Type One Teens on Facebook
"It involves a lot of swearing and finishes with an 'off'!" @mikeyw_tutu
"Please F off" - Joel from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I hate you" - Jake from Type One Teens on Facebook
"F you" - Hannah from Type One Teens on Facebook, also known as @baddiabetic 
"I'm inquiring about the possibility of a short break from your tyrant-like reign on my life. Any information regarding this subject would be greatly received. Many thanks, Josh." - Joshua from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I hate you. I want my pancreas to work again please." - Georgina from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Just go away already." - Maya from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I hate you. The end." - Jade from Type One Teens on Facebook 
"I'm writing to seek a divorce as after our honeymoon, all we seem to do is fight. Therefore, either kindly behave or get lost! Regards, me." - Sarah from Type One Teens on Facebook 
"Whilst I appreciate you giving me a good understanding of what happens to the food I've eaten, I'm not that interested to be honest." @AdrianLong3 
"You're a bast**d." - Lois from Type One Teens on Facebook
"It has been a constant fight and  I would ask that you let me break free from your reigns for at least a day. Please let me go a day without the pain and worry of your burdens. Thanks." - Alyssa from Type One Teens
"I want to thank you for the fact that because of you, I have met some incredible, brave and awesome people. I really appreciate that. Don't get me wrong, but your job is done now. Bye!" - Myrthe from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Please f*** off!" - Maya from Type One Teens on Facebook
"You have opened my eyes so that I can see all the good things in life and made me appreciate everyone and everything so much more." - Stephanie from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Please do us all a favour and go away because you are not wanted, you are a foe and not a friend, so stop acting all tough because you're not. One day you will be cured and us diabetics will win and live happy and healthier lives without you!...And stop making us get DKA because it's horrible!" @jayemcgovern
"I don't particularly like you very much." -  Jazzy from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I f***ing hate you, but thanks to you I am who I am today; a stronger girl. I've met some amazing people because of you who are also strong, and some of who who are now my best friends. Other than that I hate you. Thanks for what you've done but could you please leave now? Cheers!" - Chloe from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Why did you kill my pancreas?" - Zoe from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Where is the cure?" - Megan from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I would also like to thank you for giving me the determination and drive to better myself. Thanks to you  I have felt at a disadvantage from the word go but that has driven me to achieve so many goals! Simply to prove that I can do it even with diabetes trying to drag me down as well. You over the years have molded me into the determined, focused (possibly self destructive) fit healthy man that I am today. So thanks beta cells maybe I'm better off with out you?" - Joshua from Type One Teens on Facebook
"Can you just go?" - Mia from Type One Teens on Facebook
"I really think it's time for a break and stop stressing me out thanks! aha!" - Holly from Type One Teens on Facebook 

This is type one diabetes through the eyes of the Diabetes Online Community, hence why I left people's usernames from Twitter and Instagram. I hope these comments can show people just how much of an impact type one diabetes has on a person- some are frustrated, some are grateful to type one diabetes for teaching them some positive lessons in life and some are plain fed up with dealing with this disease. I hope that for the non-diabetics or for the people who's family members or lives have not been touched by diabetes, that seeing some of these diabetics ask for just ONE day off from dealing with diabetes, you are aware of just how stressful it is.While everyone's individual views on diabetes and it's individual impact on their lives may not be exactly the same, what is the same is everyone's drive to raise awareness and to find a cure, and what is also the same is everyone's strength that we all have to be able to deal with type one diabetes. 


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