Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My blog: Two years on

My blog is officially two years old!
I honestly cannot believe how quickly these past two years have gone and in all honesty I feel like it's been much longer than two years. In the post I wrote last year for my blog's 1 year anniversary I referred back to my early posts, this time I'm going to refer back to last year's post and take the time to say how amazed I am that my blog has gained a further 22,000 views since then.

When I started blogging I didn't expect to get much out of it, I just wanted to write purely because I enjoy writing and I wanted to channel this into something productive, and so I set up this blog to raise awareness for Type One Diabetes, but this blog has become not only a platform for raising awareness, but an outlet for me to express whatever I'm feeling in regards to diabetes, and to talk about diabetes and my thoughts. I blog not only for the benefit of others but for my benefit too, and that's what makes my posts even more worthwhile.

It's also a bit like memory lane looking back through my old posts, I like that I have posts from two years ago that I can go back and read, it's nice to reflect on things. In one of my early posts I mentioned that I couldn't sleep, and I had a practice GCSE maths exam in the morning, two years later and I've passed my GCSE's and my AS levels, and I'm now studying A2 and have applied for University. I was just 15 when I started  blogging and now I'm almost 18, I feel like a lot of maturing took place from the time I started this blog to now.

I feel like a bigger part of the diabetes community with my blog, it's opened me up to the world of blogging and raising awareness and I've spoken to and met a bunch of fabulous people along the way, not just from my blog but from twitter too. I hope my blog will continue to grow as it has done in the past two years because it is absolutely one of the things that I am the most proud of.

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