Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Hummingbird tattoo

Yesterday I got a tattoo. It's a hummingbird. I love it! I got a few questions as to whether or not there is a link to diabetes in my tattoo and the answer is yes. It's not a coincidence that I got tattooed on my arm the very animal that used to be the Diabetes UK logo, but I've also generally just always wanted a Hummingbird tattoo.

I'm happy that I chose a Hummingbird and I'm even happier that it has so much meaning. I really enjoy the fact that it's not meaningless, I don't think I would want to put myself through having a tattoo if I didn't feel like it was worth it. It's beautiful and the artist did a wonderful job designing it and it came out far better than I expected!

Why a Hummingbird in relation to diabetes?

I took this paragraph from a website that I read whilst searching about the Hummingbird and it's relationship with diabetes.

"What we can admire about the hummingbird is it's incredible ability to efficiently manage all the crucial aspects of it's life. Individuals with chronic diseases understand better than most people as to how essential it is not be in control with certain aspects of their lives. For hose with diabetes, their diet is simply one factor they must take into consideration on a daily basis."

In a nutshell, the Hummingbird is a busy bird! It has lots going on at once yet retains it's beauty and composure and it has the remarkable ability to adapt to everything around it. I know the other link to diabetes through the Hummingbird is the way it's body processes sugar, however, that bit is a little bit boring so I didn't put that in the blog!

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  1. they also have naturally high glucose levels as they expel so much energy all the time!