Sunday, 8 September 2013

Enfield town show

Today and yesterday, my sister and I along with another girl took to our local park to give out leaflets at the Enfield Town Autumn show which was really fun. There was a lot to do there and it was a great turn out with lots of people- today was actually busier than yesterday despite the weather. We were working for the founder of a Facebook group called 'Love Your Doorstep' there are over 5,000 people on the group and it's a community that aims to connect local businesses with local people- it's all about supporting your local community and what it has to offer.

It's safe to say we were very energetic leaflet dispersers. Yesterday we decided we would get our faces painted and get 'LYDS' painted on our arms. We were representing- animal style. We did a lot over the weekend helping out at the show...Apart from the obvious reason we were there, (to give out leaflets) we ate some 'churros', stroked some dogs, did some dancing, talked to the cadets, met some of Ellie's friends, stood in the rain, talked to various people, had our photos taken, got our faces painted, saw some birds of prey, stroked a turkey and a goat, and so much more. We also harassed the police because they were that cool...but in a "Hi let's be friends" way- but they loved us (I mean, who wouldn't?) so it was okay. We asked him if he had handcuffs on him because we wanted to try them on, but his reply was "the problem is, I probably won't be able to get them off of you" so we decided it was best not to strap ourselves into handcuffs. So we wore his hat instead.

This is us with our faces painted. I was a dog but when I was having a chat with the paramedics (because I wanted to) she said to me "Are you a Giraffe?" I was like "what! no I'm a dog!" Apparently it's because I had the brown spots like a giraffe does. I suppose by now you can probably guess which one is me, Ellie is in the middle as a pirate and my sister is on the end as a Tiger- I must admit hers was a little bit scary. Can you see the 'LYDS' down our arms? We felt like representing in style.
This is a close up of our faces. I had a 'dog moustache' as I liked to call it. Ellie had a sparkly black eye patch and we made a joke out of it about how that really is the true example of a 'shiner'. After a couple of hours our faces started to get very itchy from all the paint so we decided to wash them off. It was good having them painted- we definitely caught people's attention.
These are our t-shirts we wear whenever we help out. It really is a lot of fun.

Our local MP was there- Nick de bois. He's a really nice man but he claims we were stalking him, ha ha. So I said "You know you love us!" and obviously he said "well, yes but I'm all Love Your Doorstepped out!" We have been so hyper over the weekend. Then he said to us our energy was incredible- I think it's the T-shirts, they clearly instil some sort of energy boost. He asked for a photo with us which he tweeted which was cool. I'll post the photo below; if I can save it off of Twitter, wait let me check...

Got it! 

The tweet says "With the Love Your Doorstep team today at the Town Show- wherever I went there they were!" To be fair we only saw him properly about three or four times over the weekend but he was only joking, plus...we know he didn't mind us really! We made him laugh.

There was two paramedics there giving tours of the ambulance which was cool- my sister and I got in the front, and then we went to look in the back and it was so interesting. Then my sister says to him "Yeah, this interests Ellie because she's diabetic!" Uh, it doesn't interest me because I'm diabetic, it just generally interests me? Anyway he was like "So, do you generally keep good control of your blood sugars?" - "Uhhhhhhh, wellllllll" then he was just talking about how it's always the most important thing to keep control blah, blah. I mean he wasn't being annoying or patronising, don't get me wrong! He was really nice. He said "I know you probably get this a lot" and stuff. But I didn't mind him talking to me about it- he wasn't doing any harm, ha ha. 

I asked him if he had a lot of calls to diabetics and he told me he had quite a few. Mostly hypos apparently but sometimes high blood sugar. It was good talking to him about it and although it was really interesting the ambulance just smelt like hospital- you know that "clean" smell. That's how I describe the smell of hospitals, they all smell like hand sanitizer. Speaking of hand sanitizer there was a marquee up, and it was a health one and they had a UV light machine that looked at how clean your hands were and how well you wash your hands. Ellie did it and they gave her some sanitizer to rub on her hands and then she had to put them under the UV light to see how well she washes her hands- pretty good! Just a spot on her thumb. 

Anyway we had lots of fun, and my blood sugars behaved which was a result. Ellie saw my pump and she said "What's that?" and I told her and she was like "Wow it's huge!" when I showed her it. I don't think it's that big- but maybe it is? Who knows? It's a little bit bulky but I like it all the same. She asked me what I can and can't eat so I told her I can eat anything. That's one less person in this world who now knows that diabetics can eat sugar. 

We're helping out at another local festival next weekend which should be fun. We can make some more new friends, to add on to the ones we made this weekend! Pretty sure the whole of Enfield police know who we are! 


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