Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sixth form

Tomorrow, Wednesday 4th September 2013 marks mine and thousands of other students' first day of Year 12. 

To even think about it is just so weird- I can't get my head round how quick secondary went, I just about remember primary school. I still remember beginning Year 7 and sixth form was just a distant memory; I didn't really even bother thinking about it because I'd say to myself "it's so far away" but secondary school seemed to flash before my eyes in an instant, and now I'm preparing my bag to start the next two years at sixth form. 

Everyone is growing up and it's scary! One of my friends turned 17 yesterday; she can start learning to drive soon...it's so hard to even comprehend right now. I feel like I need a stop watch that controls the time- I just want it to slow down, or stop- just stop for a few minutes! This summer alone definitely flew by- It feels like yesterday we were all excited about finishing our exams, but then again it feels like it's a world away. 

Although time has gone by quicker than I'd ever imagined; I have done more during that time than I'd have ever imagined. If someone said to me five years ago "You'll start sixth form in September 2013, achieve 8 GCSE's A*-C, do two speeches, be diagnosed with Type one diabetes, climb the O2, hold a snake and a tarantula, dance on stage along with my class and place 2nd overall, complete the Duke of Edinburgh expedition"...and more which I can't quite remember. I'd have never ever of believed them. 

Although tomorrow I am still starting sixth form as a teenager with type one diabetes- I start sixth form knowing that I can achieve just the same as my peers despite diabetes. 

Sixth form is going to be a massive change and a whole new experience, and it will be tough- but I'm up for the challenge. 


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