Saturday, 19 October 2013

Who am I?


I'm Ellie,
I'm sixteen years old.
I was born on July 18th 1997.
I live in London with my mum, dad, brother and twin sister.
I have a cat, Fudge- and two bunnies called Fred and Perry.
I'm really family oriented, but I have great friends.
My mum is my inspiration.
I'm obsessed with the sky, I think it's so pretty.
My favourite season is Spring.
I'm really afraid of wasps and bees.
I like listening to music, I get through way too many headphones.
I'm in Year 12.
I study History, Psychology,  Media and English Literature.
I really like the colour, Coral.
I'm tall for my age at 5 ft 10.
I like early summer mornings- the air is really fresh.
I'm more of a fruit-eater than vegetables.
I love sunny evenings- I like to sit in the garden as the sun sets.
People say I can type really fast.
I'm quite sarcastic.
I like to read although I don't read nearly as much as I should/want to.
I got a red belt in Karate a few years ago- then I quit.
I got an A* in GCSE History.
I love sausages and mash.
I'm afraid of heights.
I don't like loud noises- they hurt my ears.
I used to love Roller-coasters...then I realised I was afraid of heights.
I find twinkly lights really pretty.
I'm normally quite reserved.
I'm a pretty crazy person if you spend enough time with me.
I'm a cat person. I like puppies but...cats.
I'm obsessed with skittles.
I'm a July baby.

I'm a twin.
I'm a daughter.
I'm a friend.
I'm a niece.
I'm a cousin.
I'm a younger sister.
I'm a granddaughter.
I'm a great- granddaughter.

I'm also Type one diabetic.

There's more to me than Type one diabetes.



  1. Hi! I really like this blog post, it is very inspiring and made me smile as I can relate to the words! Keep up the great blog :)
    The girl with the BC's x