Thursday, 6 February 2014

My HbA1c is...


Yes it is not a good number, at all. In fact, it is the highest I have ever had.

In December I switched from my insulin pump to multiple daily injections because I was much too reliant on the basal insulin. I was terrible at doing boluses and basically I just wanted to go back to basics. Fast forward a couple of months to now, I have got much better at doing meal time insulin and checking my blood sugar- my consultant looked at my blood sugar meter in clinic today and it is clear that I am doing way more blood tests and doing my meal time insulin quite often, but I keep forgetting to do my basal insulin in the morning and this throws my blood sugars off completely for the rest of the day.

The solution: Try going back to the pump.
I think this is the decision that I am going to take because now that I have got better at doing meal time insulin and checking my blood sugar a lot more, I feel that I will use the pump properly now. Also, as I am struggling with basal right now, I will not have to worry about basal insulin whilst on the insulin pump.

Despite my HbA1c I feel like my appointment actually went quite well- my consultant is happy that I've improved in giving insulin at meal times and testing my blood sugar so that's a really good upside. I'm trying to find the positives, I really feel as though I can do this now. It's almost as if I had to go back to basics to try and find my feet again, I stripped my diabetes management right back to simple injections and now I have managed to get a hold of the testing and meal time insulin, but not doing my levemir throws it all off.

I feel like I was focusing so much on getting everything else right, that my background insulin was not really at the forefront of my mind. My next appointment is in March and I feel like I can really do this now. As you can tell, I have never ever given up on trying to get my HbA1c down, a high reading just makes me even more determined to do better.


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