Saturday, 8 March 2014

It's a...

I know there is loads more I could add on to that list, but I can't remember them so they aren't there. This is also not in any particular order either.

It's a...
Finger pricking,
Insulin injecting,
Insulin pump wearing,
Pump bolusing,
Basal rate setting,
Carbohydrate counting,
Test strip re-filling,
Insulin cartridge replacing,
Cannula changing,
Balancing act,
High blood sugar fighting,
Water drinking,
Low blood sugar treating,
Glucose tablet eating,
Nauseous feeling,
Hands shaking,
Still there while you're sleeping,
Tear inducing,
Pain inflicting,
Possibly organ damaging,
Life threatening,
Life changing,
Chronic disease,
Hospital appointment making,
Hba1c measuring,
Carefree years taking,
Supplies cupboard stocking,
Media mocking,
Lack of understanding,
Scientists working on curing,
Money fundraising,
Everyday you're learning,
Parents and family support needing,
Lumpy skin feeling,
How-to-stay alive training,
Very challenging,
Brings on struggling,
Secret-snacks smuggling,
Ketone fighting,
DKA avoiding,
Complication preventing,
Prescription ordering,
Sleepless night spending,
School day missing,
Diabetes information reading,
Blood sugar balancing,
Kind of life.

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