Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The sky on a sunny day is something I find great joy in looking at. I could watch it for hours, I love watching the clouds go by, spotting birds fly over, and seeing trees flutter in the wind in the corner of my eye. I enjoy the smell in the air too, it smells fresh and it just makes me feel so relaxed. In looking at the sky I have no other thoughts than how beautiful it is, how fascinating it is as a part of this great big world and what doesn't exist in my thoughts while I watch the birds and aeroplanes fly above me, is diabetes. I realise that the beauty in this world has the ability to push diabetes out of my mind, even if it's just for a moment and that tells me something. I remember, even on my darkest days with diabetes, that there is more to life than type one diabetes, my life is not consumed by this disease no matter how much I struggle with it. The sky shows me just how big the world I live in is, and just how much that diabetes shouldn't stand in my way and in it's simplicity I can try to imagine a world without diabetes and it gives me hope...hope that one day I will be looking at the sky and diabetes will be in my thoughts, but as a distant memory.

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