Friday, 19 July 2013


My birthday was on July 18th, so yesterday. Yes, mine and my sister's birthday is on the same day as Nelson Mandela's!

For our birthday we took off on a three hour drive with our mum, two auntie's and our cousins. It was an amazing day! We went to Bournemouth beach which is absolutely beautiful- it didn't even feel like we were in England. The sea was pretty cold at first but it got better, and warmer and me and my younger cousin Francesca pretty much spent most of the time in the sea. The time not spent in the sea was spent looking at all the rather good looking boys that were in Bournemouth.

We took a walk along the pier too; and my cousin decided to go on the Helter Skelter two times while the rest of us took pretty pictures of the sea which was pretty mesmerizing. Then to finish the day off perfectly my sister and our cousin Emily who is a year older than us, spotted some very good looking boys playing guitar on the beach- we pretty much stood and watched them play for a little while and took some sneaky pictures. They both spotted us and gestured us to go down to them- but we had to go so we faffed around for a little bit deciding what to do...anyway we decided to go down to them and got talking to them about where we were from and things. Then my cousin called them lovely and they called us lovely too, it was so fabulous. They were strumming their guitars and being really beautiful to be honest.

The three hour drive home turned into a four and a half hour drive home after we got stuck on the M25 on the way back into London due to a coach fire and the coach actually exploding. Then my little cousin Ruby had to go to the toilet so we pulled over on the hard shoulder for her to go on the side of the road but she got very upset about it so we had to stop at a service station. We all got sandwiches and a doughnut at the service station and we were home about an hour later.

I had a shower once we got home and it felt so nice to finally be able to wash off the sand and sea water. My blood sugars were okay throughout the day except I took my pump off so that I could go in the ocean but took longer than expected in the water so once I finally emerged from the sea my blood sugars had risen to 16mmol- but we managed to get them down afterwards.

I officially turned sixteen at 7:26pm on July 18th 2013. When 7:21 came we were all still in the cars and my sister was in the car in front with two of my cousins and my auntie, whist I was in the car behind her with my mum, cousin Francesca and my other auntie- so I rolled down the window and shouted out to my sister "You were born right now 16 years ago!"

All in all I had a really great birthday thanks to my family- and got loads of wonderful birthday messages from people. I'm finally 16, woo!


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