Sunday, 21 July 2013

High blood sugar day

Yesterday saw me waking up to what appeared to be a rather normal morning- I woke up with my blood sugars a little bit high at 11mmol- but it should have been pretty manageable. Well that's what I thought. I continued on as usual, I ate my breakfast and corrected my blood sugar, then I had a shower but fell asleep afterwards.

To my dismay and utter disappointment, I woke up with raging thirst- a feeling I am all too familiar with. I tested my blood sugars and an ugly 16 screamed back at me, so I corrected again in the hopes that my blood sugars will return to normal. Turns out they did the complete opposite and about an hour later they had shot up to the 20's and ketones had made an unprecedented visit- fab. The ketones weren't too bad at first, they were only mild. I laid on the sofa waiting till I felt human again, but to no avail.

About two hours later I was still laying on the sofa, feeling about one million times worse than before and I was extremely uncomfortable by this point. Lunch time came around and eating was the last thing I felt like doing, my brother and his girlfriend went out and bought sandwiches and I didn't eat mine- I physically felt like if I stood up or even sat up for that matter, that I would literally throw up. My blood sugars and ketones were being extremely stubborn and I had no idea why- I had a slight suspicion that (womanly issues) had something to do with it. The time of the month always sends my blood sugars way out of whack, I tried everything to get my blood sugars down yesterday- two set changes, corrections with the pump, corrections with the injection pen, lots of water, but nothing was budging them- I think frustrated was an understatement.

Then my auntie called and asked if I wanted to be picked up to go and join my cousins and sister in Town but I had to refuse. I had zero energy and I could just about talk coherently on the phone- I was sad because I missed all the fun with my cousins, I also missed my little cousin Ruby get a haircut which was annoying because I've never seen her get a haircut. Plus, my poor mum had to stay indoors with me all day because she couldn't leave me being so unwell. Another hour passed and I drank some more water- this time my body didn't want to accept it so I threw the water right back up.

A visit to the hospital was on the cards if these ketones didn't budge- thankfully the sickness passed and I corrected for the three billionth time and drank more water and finally began to feel better and my blood sugars dropped to 14.4 mmol- VICTORY. I was actually able to sit up after seven straight hours of laying on the sofa literally unable to do anything. I narrowly avoided a trip to the hospital thank goodness and I managed to eat my sandwich.

My sister and my cousins came back to my house afterwards and what got to me slightly was the fact that they said to me "You're so moody" My reply? "You have absolutely NO idea what sort of a day I've had and I hope you never do"

So yesterday was one of those days where diabetes really does suck. I know that most days you have to take everything in your stride and know that everything will be okay. But yesterday, I probably cried for most of the day- not in a "why me" sort of way, because I know life could be worse, but I cried because I just felt so terrible. Everyone was carrying on with their lives around me, the sun was shining and my cousins and sister were out having fun without me whilst I was cooped up on the sofa feeling like I had just been hit by a truck.

I am thankful that days like that are not all too frequent, but it just proves how unpredictable diabetes is and when it goes out of control, it goes way out of control. At sixteen, I shouldn't be worrying and trying to avoid the days like that but I do and that's just the way things are unfortunately. But I'm better today and I overcame yesterdays struggle and I was lucky enough to wake up to a new day and start afresh.

This morning I woke up at 4.5 mmol and my diabetes was back to "normal" well, normal as it can be.

Before I forget, thank you very much to everyone on Twitter who helped me yesterday and to Diabetes UK for being so attentive and making sure I was okay too! The #DOC are amazing.



  1. Oh that's no fun at all. And then for your cousins to comment that you're "moody"!! Gosh, I would have given them an earful! Maybe they need some gentle education about what it's like to deal with T1 - or hey just send them this blog post :)

    1. Yeah it wasn't any fun! and I kind of did have a bit of a rant at them haha. Yeah, they don't really have any idea what it's like!