Wednesday, 31 July 2013


This is an angry post because I'm angry.

Literally just now there was an ugly moth in the room which landed on my pillow; so I stood up and said please can someone get rid of it. My blood sugars are low tonight so obviously I had no energy to chase a moth around the room, plus I absolutely hate them so much. I stood in the middle of the room and I was asking nicely "Will someone please get it out?" My cousins are staying over tonight and my sister Lauren is sleeping in her bed with Emily, I'm with Francesca.

Anyway, my sister knows full well how I am around insects and she still sat in her bed and sniggered at me with my cousin and said "I can't be bothered to get it. Emily you get it" I asked Emily "No just leave it" WHY am I going to sleep with a moth on my pillow. Then she told me to shoo it off which undeniably would not have made me feel any better because it's still in the room- the point was that I wanted it out. They all continue to laugh at me while they all lay there like stranded walruses so I went to the toilet to brush my teeth and when I come back- IT'S STILL THERE.

Once again, I beg one of them to just stand up and get it out for me. Then all the "do it yourself" lectures start coming at me from all angles. I told them to be quiet and finally, Francesca stood up to do it for me. She got a cup and trapped it and suddenly, it seemed to have gone unconscious and developed super sticky legs because it would not budge from the cup. When it finally moved, it flew back into the room...oh dear god.

Round two; it flew over to the mirror so we trapped it again and it still did not go out of the window so Francesca says "Ok, we just have to leave it here" sorry what. I am not leaving a moth in my room thankyou very much so I picked up the cup, put a piece of paper over it and put it outside my door- if mr. Moth wants to take up residence in the cup then fine, but it can do so outside on the landing.

Now there is a cup with a moth (that is hopefully still inside, i'm hoping it didn't escape upon transit) sitting outside my bedroom door, actually it's my brother's bedroom door but pish-posh. When I came back in, my sister was still being annoying and rude to me when she knows that I really don't like them and I always get flustered around insects. I asked her why she couldn't have just got it out for me and her answer was "because everyone knows you're being a freak about it" It's so frustrating because she isn't scared of them like I am :C

It's easy for her to call me a freak about it but when you're afraid of something it's pretty irrational. I can't help that I'm scared of them and everyone was just being annoying about it so I turned around and said "I have just been 3.9 and I am really irritable right now so please will you just stop!!" and yet again they all sniggered and laughed at me because they don't actually understand how I feel right now and it's making me feel pretty isolated to be honest.

They can all laugh at me being irritable because i'm low and now they've turned around and fallen asleep- but I can't fall asleep, now I have to stay up for 15 minutes to make sure my blood sugars are back up to a normal range- some people can be pretty inconsiderate. I just wanted them to get a fly out for me, gee. It's not like I was asking them to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.




  1. I can totally empathise and sympathise with you throughout that whole post! It's so frustrating when you feel run-down, ask for someone to do you what's really just a small favour, and all you get is grief! Hope you get some sleep tonight, you definitely deserve it :) x

    1. Yeah! It was very frustrating indeed! aw thankyou, I managed to sleep rather comfortably knowing the beast was outside the room :') x