Saturday, 4 May 2013

50th post

May the 4th be with you...

I realised that this post will be the 50th post on this blog, and today my blog reached just over 3,700 views. I never even imagined that my blog would get any more than a few hundred views. I am so thankful to everyone who reads my blog and to all of you who RT my posts on Twitter and give me such wonderful comments- it really means a lot.

Oh, and note the Star Wars joke at the top, even though I'm not a fan of Star Wars and, well yeah...

Elsewhere in the Huckle House,

Today me and my dad and my sister were talking in the kitchen and me and Lauren were talking about how we wanted to get a job because we have our National Insurance Numbers now, anyway my dad said "Get a job in a Garden Center so I can get free discounts!" I replied "but dad, those places have flowers and flowers attract bees, I don't like bees" Then Lauren piped up and started going on about how I would over-react and pass out if I got stung by a bee and she'd laugh, and it would apparently be "hilarious" I agreed with the passing-out bit, I probably really would that's the thing; I'm terrified of bees and I said about how it's apparently really painful to get stung.

My dad then turned around and said "You probably wouldn't even feel it Els because you're so used to being poked anyway, where as Lauren would probably over-react" It was funny because I remember now that sometimes people say that a bee's stinger is like a little needle and well, we all know about Diabetics and their needles...

The weather is being really ugly today and it is overly depressing. It's been so nice all week and then bam, it gets to the weekend and the weather just goes downhill. It's so gloomy when the sun isn't shining and I am obsessed with sunny days, I love them. If it is sunny outside I will take a picture because it is a rare moment in England that the sun actually properly shines so I like to remember the sunny days, you see.

Oh, the sun has just come out!

My little cousin is coming over today so I must be off now.
That was it for my 50th post c:


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