Saturday, 25 May 2013

Last day of Year 11

Yesterday was the last day of Year 11. I honestly can't believe how quickly it has all gone. In Year 7 I didn't even imagine the last day of Year 11 because it was five years ahead. Now, five years later on May 24th 2013 Year 11 is over, and Year 7,8,9 and 10 have all been and gone quicker than I could have ever imagined. I still remember the first day of Year 7, my sister and I had our hair slicked back into a bun, our blazers were about three sizes too big and our skirts hung just below our knees; it's safe to say we looked atrocious. Not to mention our bright rucksacks that were massive.We were typical Year 7's.

Year 7 was the year of settling in, the lessons weren't all that serious because we were just starting out, we were all making friends and the girls in the years above were very intimidating. It was a whole new school, everyone was worrying about getting lost so people tended to walk around in little swarms so if we got lost, we'd be lost together. Sat in the Hall on the very first day thinking "please let me be with my primary school friends" I walked into secondary school with the mindset that I wouldn't make any new friends because I was too shy, but five years on I have made some pretty amazing friends. To name a few, Tia, Lauren, Monica, Frankie and more. Year 7 was the year everyone ran to class because teachers would say "You will get detention if you're five minutes late!" so the end of break consisted of most of us sprinting to class...apart from the kids who were born to defy the rules.

Then there was Year 8, now everyone would say to me when I was younger "Year 8 is the best year" for me, Year 8 meant change. I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at the end of Year 7 in June. So when I went back to school in September, not only was I moving onto a new year but I was also still adjusting to a very new life, but I had my family and friends to get me through it and support me. Once I got back to school, most of my friends held memories that I didn't get to gain because I was in hospital when 'Activities Week' was taking place just before Summer. I was gutted. I managed to miss London Zoo, The Science Museum, making goo in class...but I suppose looking back on it, I was too focused on having been diagnosed to think too much about missing it all. Now I feel a bit disappointed. But all is okay because I have many more memories from Year 8. Apart from being diagnosed before Year 8; it was the best year school-wise. It was relaxed. We all sailed through Year 8 with flying colours until Year 9 graced us with it's presence and things got a little bit more complicated.

Year 9 is when the school prepare you to start GCSE's in Year 10 and the words "This is all in preparation for your GCSE's!" will be forever embedded in your mind. By Year 9 we all pretty much figured out who our friends were, and the friends I made in the beginning have been my friends ever since, despite ups and downs through out the years. I found Year 9 pretty was all serious compared to the years before. Although we did have fun at our end of year trip to Thorpe Park. But the end of Year 9 brought the start of GCSE's.

The year we all dreaded. Year 10. Notorious for being a very stressful year. I chose to do Drama, History and regrettably, French. Pretty sure taking French for  GCSE is the biggest regret of my life so far. I used to be good at French, and I enjoyed it with my old teacher in Year 9; but once it got to Year 10 I hated it. The only thing that got me through those lessons was Eleanor and Clara and Emily. I loved Drama and History though. I came out of Year 10 with an A* in Year 10 History which I would never have imagined because I took History as a sort of last resort, but still enjoyed it and a B in core science. For Drama we went to see Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre in the West end which was amazing with the best Drama teacher ever. The exams we did in Year 10 were maths, Science, RE and History. Then along came Year 11. Despite all the stress I left Year 10 with amazing memories.

The second year of GCSE's is Year 11 and is the most stressful year ever. I have had moments in Year 11 just wanting to pull my hair out it was so much work. We had to cram in so much information and try and account for things we had learnt all the way back in Year 7. "Come on, you did this in Year 7!" listen, I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last week so I will not remember that. ICT was very time-consuming, as it was all coursework and no exam and so was Drama when we had to make up a 25 minute play for our exam. French just stressed me out so much because I was literally failing that subject and probably still did. Maths had been going down-hill ever since the start and I ended up doing a linear maths exam and came out with a miraculous C which means I have a GCSE in Maths, something I never thought I would get. After two years of preparation through Year 10 and Year 11 we got our exam timetables which consisted of about three billion exams. Only joking, but I had about ten I think. Now that Year 11 is over I only have two more exams and only go into school for those; we can go home after the exam which is great. Year 11 was an all-round brilliant Year, it was the year that everyone matured so so much and we all became stronger as a year. As we all prepared to go our separate ways.

Yesterday's leaver's assembly brought tears to all of our eyes, and we said goodbye to our Year leader who has been with us ever since Year 7. Most years have different year leaders every year. Mrs Cowley was a wonderful year leader and it will be weird not seeing her around as she is going back down to the lower site, to be the head of year for the Year 7's. In September, I start sixth form and thankfully a lot of my friends and I are staying at the sixth form of my school. Sadly, some members of my form are leaving and it was sad yesterday. Even though we will see each other at exams and have the chance to say our proper goodbyes at prom it still doesn't excuse the fact that our form will not be 11.4 anymore in September because everyone is moving on.

But everyone has to let go and move on at some point. And the years through 7-11 have left me with amazing friends and amazing memories that I will never ever forget.


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