Friday, 17 May 2013

Funny stories

Even though having Type One Diabetes is a real pain in the backside, it's always good to find the silver lining in things. Although Diabetes is frustrating and worrisome and makes me feel like utter rubbish more often than not, it has made me life a little more interesting in the sense that some funny stories have come out of it. I can only remember one or two really significant moments that I have thought of that I remember being quite funny.

My class were getting changed for PE on the school stage because there were exams going on in the gym and so we couldn't use the proper changing rooms. My friend Monica and I were messing around with Tia who is my other friend and so Monica wrapped the curtains around Tia when she wasn't expecting it and it was really quite hilarious because Tia is really light so she is easy to pick up. Then I was getting changed and suddenly I was blinded by curtains and got so disorientated that I just fell...just like that, I just fell backwards straight onto the floor.

All I remember on the way down was flailing my arms in a desperate attempt to maintain my dignity, whilst I held down my school skirt. It was very funny and it is safe to say everyone else found it amusing too. It took me around five minutes to regain my composure after I just sat on the floor, wondering what on earth made me fall over. Anyway, I got up and I checked my blood sugar. Turns out my blood sugar was 3.6 mmol so I really didn't have the energy to even try and stand up against the curtain which swept me off my feet. Diabetes left me looking like a bit of an idiot but was very humorous none the less.

Most of the other times have just been funny for me, just listening to people end up being so baffled about what I'm talking about. For example I was having a conversation with my friend Hannah about when my blood sugars go high- at this point a girl in my class strolled past with a sort-of bewildered look painted on her face. I turned round and I just grinned at her then I thought "better tell her. She might think I'm smoking weed" so I told her what I was actually talking about and she said "oh, I was about to say!"

Another time a girl from one of the other classes found my cartridge of test strips on the floor, picked it up and said "Someone's camera piece has fallen on the floor" My friend and I just burst out laughing, it was funny because she seemed so confident that it was a film roll out of a camera and then just trailed off. It amused me how oblivious she was.

Now this had never happened to me up until then, but I experienced the dreaded fountain blood sugar prick. I have no idea how this strange phenomenon happens but it likes to strike at awkward times. I was rushing and I did a quick prick and must have squeezed too hard because some blood came flying out of my finger, it was only a small exaggerated squirt, but small enough to make me throw my head back, in a desperate attempt not to get blood on my face. Then I threw my head back and bumped it on the wall, so that wasn't a very good moment for me...but it was funny- I laughed at myself earlier.

I just imagined, if someone filmed that and then put it in slow motion, it would be like those dramatic scenes in films where the actors are made to sound like some sort of incredible hulk hybrid.

Even though life can be tough, there is always a light trying to shine through and when you find the light everything feels like it's going to be okay and that you can do it. That is how I feel about Diabetes, the funny and interesting moments that are derived from a life with Diabetes help me get through life with Type One Diabetes. Some days are good and some days are bad.

Make the most out of what you've got, life with Diabetes can't be all doom and gloom so when a funny moment comes along, laugh. Smile and live your life, take every moment in your stride because there is always a silver lining.


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  1. Thank u Ellie. Did you read my blog post on silver linings?