Sunday, 26 May 2013

A child

It's hard, it's hard for a child to understand. It's hard for a child with diabetes to understand that the diagnosis will change their life. A child is innocent to the fact that the diagnosis means a new life. It's difficult to comprehend that there has been change. The child finds it hard to adjust; tough to of lived a life that didn't know diabetes. A child finds comfort in settling down, a child finds respite in knowing life is okay and life is good. A child is oblivious to the fact that things can change. Small fingers, stomachs with no scarring, is a child. Then before they know it, a child with diabetes is no longer free from this. Fingers that were once untouched, at the most pricked by a splinter; the splinter turns into a lancet and grazes turn into injection or pump sites. Unknown to them that they will soon become brave in their scars. The scarring from what is to keep them alive; will be battle scars. Scars of strength and courage. Scars that mean determination, determination to live the life they are still blessed to be living. A child wishes to be carefree, a child does not understand the need for obstacles; they see no obstacles in life. With a diagnosis; a child loses their innocence in knowing that there is hardships in this life- but a child with diabetes gains more wisdom than their parents would ever imagine. A child who has incredible courage is found within a child that once was, a normal child. Diabetes will bring the familiar prick of tears to the eyes of a child; tears they should not have to cry. Tears that mean strength is within them, the tears meaning a child has been strong. A child does not want to visit the hospital, a hospital means needles, unfortunately a child with diabetes lives on needles. A child's beaming smile when they see their doctor provides relief for a nervous parent; the child has learnt to trust; they put their trust in their doctors, they do not fear them. Every time a sweet treat blesses their taste buds, a needle prick touches their nerves. All too focused on eating, the injection becomes second nature. A parent soon learns that injecting the child is their new normal, a child learns the "Diabetes normal". A child will find diabetes harsh, a child will find diabetes unfair. A child is un-welcoming to the signs of low blood sugar, holding up their friends is not what they want, a child should be free to play instead a child with diabetes is inside feeling thirsty. Even though the child is sound asleep, diabetes will be awake. Awake and ready to instill fear on parents who could once sleep all the way through the night; forcing terrible feelings upon an innocent child; shaking, confusion, thirst...A child with diabetes is tough. A child with diabetes is strong. A child with diabetes soon understands their new life and takes it in their stride. A child knows there is a silver lining and a child with diabetes is so close they can almost touch it; they can almost touch the incredible hope that they have in knowing there will be a cure. A child is flexible; a child can bounce back from any set-back that shows itself to them. A child with diabetes also knows that life is good. A child with diabetes understands that diabetes isn't all that they are. Despite struggles a child with diabetes continues to strive, to strive in the supportive shadow of their family and friends. A child with diabetes is brave.

A child with diabetes knows they can do this. A child knows that diabetes will never win.

I wanted to write this because young children with diabetes are amazing in their strength to carry on, to carry on and not let diabetes get in the way of their dreams. I suppose what I wrote could apply to an adult all the same too. Everyone with diabetes is wonderful. This more so applies to a child that would have just been diagnosed too. Adults have already gained wisdom and courage in living with the disease, small children still harbor innocent minds but find the strength to take diabetes under their wing anyway.


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