Monday, 6 May 2013

Family barbecue

Today my family and I went over to my grandmother's house and we had a barbecue with the rest of the family. It was really lovely and the sun was shining which made it even better.

I love the smell of a barbecue, except it's not so great when the chicken sets on fire...

We were all sitting down to lunch and the thick grey smoke coming out from under the lid of the barbecue caught my eye- "can you see all the smoke coming out from under the barbecue?" no one really paid any attention to it until my uncle went in there to do a regular check on the chicken; "er, there's a bit of a problem here" My uncle went to lift the lid off the barbecue and a cloud of black smoke puffed into the air, wrapping itself around him. He came back outside and my granddad caught sight of the mayhem unraveling and he quickly dropped his fork, got up and sprinted into the garage. I could just imagine what was going through his head "I must go and save my barbecue!"

My granddad went to warily lift the lid freeing more smoke from the heat- I could see small flames flickering off the top of the chicken which was now incarcerated having succumbed to the fiery depths of the barbecue.
It was soon all under control and my granddad stood there for a good five minutes fanning it, just to make sure it had cooled right down. Throughout the whole mishap, the rest of us just sat there in awe as the chicken burnt, but it was okay because we had all already eaten the first lot of chicken- and some bits were saved, I believe.

Anyway the moral of that story is...don't leave the barbecue on too high- you might just lose some chicken.

There was no Diet Coke today, either. I was mortified. I saw my sister bring out the bottle of Coke and oh no, the bottle was not silver; but it beamed a red wrapping- in other words "DANGER. I AM FULL SUGAR COKE. DRINK ME AT YOUR OWN RISK"

"Is there no Diet Coke?"
"I thought I gave some to nanny earlier?" My auntie swiftly replied.
"Ah, I must have left it at home then, sorry Els; just have a little bit"

How could they forget to cater for the diabetic one?! They never forget! Oh well, I let them off; I wasn't too sad about it all because I don't really like full-sugar coke that much anyway- I prefer Diet. I hardly ever have fizzy drinks so I've never had to tackle such a sugar monster as full-sugar coca cola. So I warily entered in the carbs which I thought sounded feasible based on me and my mum's joint efforts to estimate what 100ml looked like. I came out a little bit on the high side afterwards at 9.4 but I kept them under 10 so I think me and my mum handled that quite well.

So today was a pretty amusing day and I had a lot of fun with my sister, my little cousin and my brother and his girlfriend. Turns out that I am hideous at balancing and should never take up a career as a tight-rope walker because that wouldn't work out for me...

My cat, Fudge, fell asleep with his little head resting in my hand earlier today as well, it was just such a precious moment. I love when he falls asleep with me stroking him, he is just the sweetest little cat anyone could ever ask for- he never scratches or bites anyone- he never has and I don't think he ever will. He is
a perfect little kitty and I love him.

So, that is pretty much my day in a nutshell. I love my family so much and love spending time with them. I had such a great day.
I'm sad that we have to go to school tomorrow though; it felt like a weekend today even though it is Monday. Ah, only a few more weeks left of school though.


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