Thursday, 9 May 2013

Leaver's mass

Today at school me and my friends had the school chaplain begging us to do some jobs at the Year 11 leaver's mass; we kept refusing because we're all pretty shy with things like that.
During my French lesson, he came in and then I had to ask him a question; then suddenly me and my other friend Eleanor were reeled in to bringing things up to the altar during the mass. The conversation went a little bit like this:

"Girls, please do the offetry?"
"Please. Come on, you two can walk up together"
"Why are you so shy?!"
"...we don't know!"
"Ok you're doing it. I'm writing your names down!"

Then he swiftly left the room before we had a chance to refuse. So I went to find him at lunch time and I asked him if he was being serious and he was like "yeah?" I decided just to give in, in the end and say okay. I didn't want to turn him down again, we felt bad. Anyway, we had to get to the church at 6 o'clock to practice, even though we didn't actually practice...he just told us how we were going to do it and then that was it really, but it was simple stuff.

Me and my friend had to carry candles. My thoughts were basically..."don't drop the candle and burn down the church...don't drop the candle and burn down the church" As you may have gathered, we did not burn down the church and all was well. I rejoined my class mates after we had done it and sat through the rest of the service. The annoying thing was that during the mass my blood sugars were a bit high at 11 mmol and I was feeling thirsty and I had no water on me so I couldn't have a drink...then I had to go to the toilet twice before the mass even started, and then afterwards.

I gave myself some insulin and then discreetly checked my blood sugar, I made sure not to do it during a moment of silence, that would have been really awkward. My blood sugars had gone back down to 6 mmol, then I was a bit worried about going low with all the standing up so I popped a little glucose tablet into my mouth, then there were mini cupcakes afterwards so everything went to pot again...

Our Year leader did a speech at the end of the mass and had us all tearing up.

Our Year Leader told us about how she was so grateful with all of the support that we have given her over the years as a year group and how lovely we are and the last thing she said was "and even though we are parting different ways, we will always be in each other's hearts" By this point she was struggling to hold back the tears and most of us were nearly crying; a couple of my friends cried a lot as some are leaving the school for good and going to separate colleges/sixth forms. Our Year leader has been with us right from the very beginning to the very end of our journey through secondary school and she is such a lovely person. I will miss her a lot and she did a lot for me in terms of my Diabetes too, which I will always be grateful for.

After the mass we had refreshments in the Parish hall and some of us went to find her and she gave us all hugs and it was really cute. I realised today how much everything is going to change when we all go into sixth form; it won't be the same and it's going to be strange.

Like in Drama today, we were revising for science and some of the girls in our class went into the Library whilst some of us stayed in the Drama room with our teacher. We were all chatting and we were making our teacher laugh and she turned round and said to us "Aah, I'm going to miss you girls" and she told us that a lot of girls stop talking to her after she stops teaching them and we all assured her that wouldn't be happening with us, I'm going to miss my Drama teacher a lot too.

Today was also my very last french lesson that I will ever do. After five years of learning French, I am never doing it again which is very strange to think about but I'm also happy at the same time because I hate french.

But yeah, I'm sort of sad to think about everyone going their seperate ways but like my Year leader said, we will always be in eachother's hearts. After five long years, that was the last mass that we will ever have as a year group. Our official last day is the 24th May 2013.

"The only way we can live is if we grow. The only way we can grow is if we change" 


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  1. I hate French too. I only take it because of ballet.
    As for drama, I had auditions for my secondary school's advanced drama class and i would appreciate it if you prayed I got in. Being part of my school's advanced program has been a dream of mine since I was little and it would be a dream come true if I got in. thanks E.