Thursday, 2 May 2013

Braces and being a Ninja

This morning me and my sister had our Orthodonist appointments. We got the colours on our braces changed. Coincidentally we both chose the same colour- Royal Blue. I actually had no idea what colour she had chosen, I saw her point to the colour but neither her or the Dentist said the name of the colour. So it was funny that we had chosen the same colour as each other. Although Lauren had this to say about it:

"When you picked that blue, I was like ugh!" 

Me and my twin sister have been wearing braces since July 20th 2012. We started off with just bottom braces and in December 2012 we got the top braces. I don't mind them. They aren't too bad but they do hurt a bit when they get tightened...but it's fun to have a colourful mouth.

Me and Lauren missed our morning lessons and we went back to school in time for Period 4. My Period 4 lesson was English. I went into the lesson to find the class watching a short clip on a poem called "Harmonium" to be fair, the class were all half asleep. We have a really cool English teacher at the moment though, so it's okay. I was sitting at my desk watching the clip when I heard "Ellie!" I was a bit startled at the words coming from the silence but I noticed it was my friend. She went on to tell me that I had missed my French Oral Assessment.


I had no idea it would be today. It was actually meant to be last Tuesday but the teacher wasn't in, so our French teacher told us it would most likely be next Tuesday. I knew all the answers but I just wasn't prepared to do it there and then. My friend went off to do her assessment...she came back smiling so she must have done well. I hate French. I am awfully rubbish at it. I used to be good in Year 9 but clearly things went downhill from there. Everyone was urging me to go and do my assessment then to get it over and done with; but I would not have done well under such pressure so I said no and I would do it later.

Anyway, I spent lunchtime trying to avoid the teacher. I did not want to do the assessment. I was sitting in the lunch hall and I saw her walk in and I exclaimed "She's in here! Quick. Heads down!" For the next two minutes I sat there like a lemon waiting for her to leave, eventually she left and I could resume my lunch time. About ten minutes later my friends and  I decided we wanted to go to the Library for the next two periods to do some ICT work; this meant going down the corridor to the...STAFF ROOM. That was the dreaded place where my teacher would be residing for her lunch time break. Whilst my two friends negotiated with their teacher to let them leave the lesson I waited; on edge, my heart skipping a beat every time a member of staff emerged from the big red doors.

Suddenly, the teacher came out. I panicked and hid behind the wall. She hung around for a couple of seconds before going into the other room. Phew! She left. I turned to my friends and whispered "sorry guys this is risky business I'm going to have to retreat" so I ran down the corridor and waited at the other end.

Period five. Drama. Yes. I could get away from "teacher-territory"...not for long. The teacher came down to where the Drama room is, I held my breath. She turned and went in to talk to one of the senior members of staff about something or the other. I stood facing the wall for the whole time. I did not want her to see me. "Guys we have to go up to Room 217" Okay, science. She shouldn't have any reason to come to the Science rooms, right? Off we went, but then...she was back! UGH. Come on! She was clearly following me around...

My friend was like "Ellie look behind you" I shook my head and laughed. I could see the teacher in the corner of my eye though. I did a little fast-paced walk/run past the crowd of pupils, seeking the safety of the Science Lab. Finally, I made it inside. When I thought I had successfully avoided her, my ears were suddenly invaded with "Ellie?" oh dear. I hesitantly turned around to see my French teacher standing in the doorway with a smile on her face. I went over to her and I said "Sorry I missed it earlier, I was at the Orthodontist" and she said "oh it's fine. You weren't to know it was going to be today" I smiled, praying for the conversation to be over. Then she proceeded to say "Are you ready?"

SORRY. WHAT? no no. NO. I am not ready.

I begged her to let me do it tomorrow or Tuesday.
"No, I'm at the lower site...and, Tuesday will be too late" UGH. So, I had no choice but to surrender and do the French. I knew the answers but I just needed more time to go over them and be fluent when  I spoke. Oh well, she left and said "It's now or never. I will be next door" The pressure was immense. People in my class wished me Good Luck and my Drama Teacher wished me Good Luck as I left to go next door.

Ten minutes later, I was finished. Thank God for that.
"Arrevoir" Yeah. Arrevoir to you too.

I was greeted with a lot of questions when I went back into class. "How was it?" "Was it hard?" "Did it go well?" I paused before I spoke and my Drama Teacher said "Oh no..." but I replied and said "no no it went okay, but I'm rubbish at French so..." and then I left and went down to the Library to do my ICT work and my day of being a Ninja came to an end.

Today was rather tiring, having to go to the Orthodontist and being a Ninja for the afternoon.
Anyway, if you're silly like me you'll avoid having to do things you don't want to do. Even if you aren't ready to do something; I'm sure your teacher will understand. Mine was nice about it all and she didn't mind. It is better to get things over and done with, than stress yourself out attempting to be a ninja like I was all day.



  1. I've done that before. I did that while avoiding my ex-bf who apparently wanted me back but i was too afraid to tell him to screw off.
    I've also done that at doctors visits...

  2. Choosing the color of your braces is definitely a fun thing to do. Despite the pain and discomfort you feel at times, you automatically gets excited when you know that you'll have your braces changed on your next appointment. Was that the only time you and your sister chose the same color? I wonder what your reaction will be when it happens again.

    Cody Zieba @ Reed Orthodontics

    1. Since then we haven't chosen the same colour! Ha ha. My sister recently got her braces off too.

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  4. I think it would be interesting to see you and your twin sister with both braces on, and with the same band color. Haha! Well, it's good to hear that you're not having much difficulty with your braces, except for a little pain after every adjustment, which is only natural. And by the way, I think you have some skills in being a ninja! Haha! Cheers!
    Lindsay @ Smile by Design