Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Today is Wednesday 8th May 2013, I have my first GCSE exam on Monday 13th May 2013, which is RE. I have some more that week and the weeks after that. My last GCSE exam is History, which is on June 19th 2013.


Tonight's theme for the #gbdoc Twitter chat got me thinking about school.

I honestly can not believe how close I am to the end of my time at school and moving on to sixth form. We have study leave on May 24th and only go in for exams; after that, we won't be going back to school until results day which is sometime in August.

I still remember the first day of school all the way back in 2008. I was such a typical Year 7 student, with my  hair slicked back in a tight bun, my blazer three million times too big and my skirt hung way below my knees. Looking back on pictures now I seriously wonder why my mother let me and my sister out of the house looking so monstrous.

Five years on and I am weeks away from my last day of school. I'm starting sixth form September 2013 and my A-Level subjects are: Media, History, English and Phsychology. My GCSE subjects were: French (Biggest mistake of my life) History and Drama. I hated French. Tomorrow will be my very last French lesson and I can leave five years of french lessons behind. I am so happy.

I have had a lot of memories through my school years. Even primary school.

And when I was just starting Year 8 was when I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

I thought it was so very unfair. I had only just started Year 7, I was doing my best to settle in, to fit in and find new friends; and I was excited about being in secondary school. Despite living with Diabetes through a large proportion of my secondary school life, I coped, I managed and now I just have to push on and make it through my last GCSE exams with out Diabetes getting in the way. I managed to get an A* and an A in my Year 10 History exams, an A in my Year 10 RE exam and well, I just recently passed maths with a C; which I am happy about, seeing as I am horrible at maths.

The maths exam that I just recently passed was the one that I had been blogging about a lot. I made a blog post the night before because I was up most of the night sorting out my blood sugars. That seriously freaked me out, I did not want to fail that maths exam, but I was tired the next morning- hypos in the middle of the night just drain me of all my energy so it makes things three thousand times harder in the mornings. To top it all off my exam was at 9am and I was exhausted.

But, miraculously, I did it. I was determined not to let Diabetes ruin my chances of passing my maths exam.

I didn't and I did it, and for that I am proud. I'm proud that it hasn't dampened any of my other major exams either and it won't dampen any of these forthcoming exams either.

Random funny story:

Today in school one of my cartridges of test strips rolled out of my bag.
There was a girl sitting behind us and she turned around to me and my friend and said "Someone's camera part has fallen on the floor!"
Me and my friend both looked at one another completely baffled by what she meant. but then my friend looked on the floor and said "oh Ellie, your test strips are on the floor"
Then it clicked.
She thought my test strip cartridge was a camera cartridge! Now that I think about it, it could be sort of easy to mistake for a camera cartridge but because I am aware they are test strips, it is sort of hard to imagine.

Test strip, anyone? 

Don't let Diabetes stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.


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  1. congrats Ellie. if i still lived in england i'd be starting 6th form too! i'm a junior (11th grade) but i've got a really high GPA so i'm actually graduating a year earlier than all my friends. the classes im taking are American Sign Language, history, biology and psychology. i'm very excited for this :)