Monday, 27 May 2013

Fifty random facts about me

I was tagged by my friend Tara to do this blog post. She has done her own version and asked me to do my own fifty random facts. So here goes:

1. I am the only person in my family to still have my tonsils
2. I have a twin sister
3. When I was little I had an imaginary friend
4. I have lived in London all my life
5. I once had a pet goldfish that only lived for two weeks
6. I like acoustic music
7. I enjoy singing and secretly wish I was a singer
8. I don't like the colour pink
9. I hate olives
10. Half my family is Italian, the other half are English
11. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2
12. I love cats
13. I have a cat called Fudge; his brother Smudge sadly died last year
14. I own a purple medtronic insulin pump
15. I have a windows 8 computer
16. My laptop is red
17. My favourite colour is purple
18. I can't dance to save my life
19. I am really tall at 5ft10
20. I used to go to recorder lessons in primary school
21. In Year 4 I played Friar Tuck and sung a solo in the school production of Robin Hood
22. I got my first mobile phone when I was 11, it was a pink motorola flip-up
23. I used to want to be a vet
24. I have nearly finished my GCSE's
25. I start sixth form in September
26. I love going to the theatre
27. Les Miserables and Wicked are my favourite theatre productions
28. I used to be obsessed with Atomic Kitten as young child
29. When I was little I used to think I could jump into the set of the tweenies
30. As a baby I used to have this recurring dream that a gorilla would climb in through the window
31. Every halloween as a young child I would dress up as a witch
32. I cried when our neighbour's cat died
33. I used to do acting on TV when I was younger, with my twin sister and sometimes my family
34. I met Robson Green on the set of 'Northern Lights'
35. I had my first kiss on the set of 'Living it' under a coat with a kid called Ben, I was like 7
36. I am absolutely terrified of wasps
37. I hate lifts; if I can avoid getting in one I will. If you try and force me i'll probably cry
38. I love to laugh
39. I don't like horror films
40. My sister and I were in an episode of 'Casualty' when we were around 6 years old. We met Simon Maccorkindale.
41. The only pizza I like is pepperoni pizza and margarita
42. I have an A* in Year 10 history
43. I hate maths and I'm really terrible at it- yet managed to get a C in GCSE maths
44. The countries my family and I have visited are America, France and Amsterdam
45. I once had my plastic scissors confiscated at a french airport
46. Sometimes I can be superstitious
47. I have major OCD about the bathroom cupboard, everything needs to be in perfect positioning
48. I have braces
49. My friends and I worked backstage for my secondary school's production of Guys and Dolls
50. I used to be afraid of dogs

So there are fifty facts about me. I suppose I should tag someone to do their own now...I guess...I tag Paris? c: