Saturday, 18 May 2013

I'm excited

This morning when my parents got back from shopping they said to me "Ellie, you have a package?" so I was all "woah, for me?"

Feeling totally special and important I eagerly awaited the package to be presented to me. Then my mum said "It's from Abbott" So by this point I just burst out laughing, pretty much uncontrollably. I just could not stop laughing because I had  forgot that about a month ago I ordered a free Insulin x meter, just for the fun of it really. I was bored and wanted to try something new.

My mum started laughing and said "oh, another one to add to your meter collection" but I think that it is pretty cool how it's touch screen and such. Plus, I can personalize it, so now the background will be a little kitten. Which makes me smile because its very cute. Anything to make testing your finger a nicer experience, even though stabbing your finger with a needle is hardly "nice" but oh well.

Also, I am excited because tomorrow morning I get to meet @pippop82 which will be nice. She only lives about ten minutes away from me and I first saw that she lived near me on Twitter, through the GBDOC. So yeah, i'm looking forward to it and we both have the same blood sugar meter so she is going to give me a spare case because the cases she has for it are lovely. a few minutes our friend Megan should be arriving too, oh and one more thing! I just found out that my wisdom teeth are coming through and it doesn't hurt so that's a bonus.

All in all today has been a pretty exciting day.
But the blood sugar of 19 mmol earlier tried to dampen my mood, but my blood sugar is okay now so, you lose again Diabetes. Ha ha.



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  2. Why not make the background thing a rabbit? Because of your rabbit dealll? ;P

  3. That's very cool Ellie. My meter is a touch screen also. The background of mine is a pair of ballet slippers :)